Torsten Müller-tvös, Chief Executive Office Rolls Royce Motor Cars

The British car manufacturer established a new private office in Dubai, marking the first location outside its home nation. 

Even if nothing compares to a trip to Rolls-headquarters Royce’s in Goodwood, West Sussex,

 The company hopes the new facility will give visitors to the United States a taste even though they are thousands of miles away, from the UK.

Rolls Royce Private Office Dubai offers special product previews and thorough commission consultations. 

Additionally, this won’t be a standard dealership. Clients can collaborate with knowledgeable professionals to design the car or SUV of their dream 

With a view to a change of pace is the opening of the first Rolls Royce private office outside of the UK in Dubai.

Big Headway Success

The opening of a permanent Private Office represents a significant advancement for Rolls-Royce. We have been entertaining our high-profile clients to The Home of Rolls-Royce for many years. Now, in response to high demand, we are opening Goodwood to the general public.

Not only will a member of the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design team and the Bespoke Client Experience Manager be stationed in this new outpost. We’ll also be utilizing the most fore technology to let clients in the Middle East tour our Homes and watch their own Bespoke Rolls-Royce take shape.

Another step in the brand’s evolution is as it strengthens its position as a true House of Luxury with the latest design services on par with our products.

According to Torsten Müller-tvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars :

“The Private Office will support our regional Dealer Partners in enhancing our clients’ experiences with Rolls-Royce.”

Inspiring Market Place

For Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the Middle East has long been a source of creative inspiration when it comes to Custom design. 

It is a significant launch the first Rolls-Royce Private Office outside of the UK and gives more proof that Rolls-Royce is a true House of Luxury. The first of many comparable facilities that will be avail here globally.

Our Private Office Dubai is an expansion of The Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood in West Sussex. 

Henrik Wilhelmsmeyer said, Director of Sales and Brand, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars :

This is not a dealership but rather a one-of-a-kind experience where customers may discover our Home and our staff in real-time using seamless technology.

A Distinct Experience

The most essential clients in the Middle East can have a unique experience at the new Rolls-Royce Private Office.

This puts the elegance and expertise of The Home of Rolls-Royce at their fingertips and is set in the One Central neighbourhood in the heart of Dubai.

It is the first permanent Bespoke Lead Designer and Bespoke Client Experience Manager outside of Goodwood.

The exhibit materials and the marque’s famed hospitality make this possible. People with extensive Rolls-Royce experience have been hired for both of these critical posts.

Michelle Lusby, the lead designer for bespoke at the marque, has spent the last eight years working on a variety of exciting and exquisite projects.

Phantom Serenity captured the world’s attention and redefined luxury.

Chris Hardy relocates from Goodwood to accept the Bespoke Client Experience Manager post. With more than five years of experience working for Rolls-Royce. 

In this unique new role, he will guide visitors through the spectacular experience that awaits them at the Private Office Dubai.

Three Essential Programmes

Three core programs that will be the focus of the Private Office are:

  • Response to strong customer demand: the recently revived Rolls-Royce Coach build program. 
  • High Bespoke Commissioning.
  • Access to the Private Office Collection of one-of-one masterpiece motor vehicles. 

The products are an element of an innovative strategy that aims to embrace the current Worldwide Dealer Partner.

Network with the establishment of Global Private Office outposts in particular global regions.

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FAQs More About Rolls Royce Brand

Q. Who is the CEO of Rolls Royce?

The chief executive of Rolls-Royce is Warren Arthur East.

Q. Is Rolls-Royce based in the UK?

The production facilities and corporate headquarters of Rolls-Royce are in Goodwood, England.

Q. Which country has the most Rolls-Royce cars?

With almost 30% of their total sales, the U.S. is Rolls-greatest Royce’s market. The second-largest market is China.

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