NextGen FDI intends to provide its services to firms around the world.

To invite enabled businesses and trained workers to the UAE, a campaign has been put in place. 

Which will facilitate the immigration to the UAE of more than 300 international technology companies, software engineers, data scientists, and coders.

Briefly, more than 300 international technology companies would be uplifting the initiative to migrate to the UAE.

With the launch of The UAE NextGenFDI, The minister made clear that the UAE wants to be in the top 10 nations for inviting foreign direct investment and that they want to cooperate with leading digital businesses to achieve that goal (FDI).

Introduction to The UAE launches NextGenFDI to attract the world’s top digital companies

The project of FDI and foreign talent to the country is under the direction of Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade.

Many initiatives have to streamline and improve the way businesses enter new markets. 

These includes:

1. bulk visa issuances,

2. banking conveniences, 

3. quick and flexible incorporation processes 

4. to speed up licensing, and incentives for commercial and residential leasing.

A chance to invite some of the most brilliant minds to the UAE and support our initiatives, he added.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish the UAE as the premier global innovation hub.

Future industry leaders are aware that, The UAE places a strong emphasis on supporting expanding next-generation businesses. 

The UAE wants to see your company’s innovative ideas come to life, and we’re here to make the process as quick and easy as we can.

Strategic alliances

 Seven strategic partners have now joined the initiative. These include Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Dubai South, DMCC, Dubai Internet City, Emirates NBD, and WIO. 

The involvement of other partners has also been proposed for further phases.

To aspire to the UAE’s clear comparative advantage and its global standing as a leading hub for trade, investment, and innovation. Also to promote the development of the national economy.

Its task is to find applied technology specialists across the globe and give them access to vital markets.

With each of our key partners, the Ministry has signed one of seven memoranda to strengthen its flexibility and incorporation.

Juma Al Hamli said, the chief of staff at Abu Dhabi Global Market, that this will lessen the complexity involved in launching new businesses (ADGM).

We have not only made startup businesses less difficult and expensive, 

Also, we have built a strong ecosystem that will assist the growth of this company’s UAE branch.

NextGen FDI intends to provide its services to firms around the world.

The mission of NextGenFDI is to identify companies operating in diverse industries around the world that are invested in applied technology. This gives them the critical market entrance tools they need to succeed inside the UAE.

There is unmatched interest in 2022 worldwide. The company wants to make sure that the most innovative digital enterprises in the world may make use of all the advantages that NextGen FDI provides for effective client businesses. 

The goal of NextGen FDI is to make sure that the market entry procedure is as organized and seamless as their technological ecosystem.

 One of the economies in the region with the quickest growth in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that economic growth would increase to 4.2% in 2022, as opposed to a decline in Asia, Europe, and the US.

The National Programme for Coders is providing 100,000 computer programmers with Golden Visas as a crucial component of its talent recruiting push. The UAE wants to create 1,000 new digital businesses and raise investment in start-ups from roughly $400 million to USD 1.3 billion. This effort will be balanced and accelerated by the NextGenFDI project.

 A remarkable initiative by the Ministry of Economy, NextGen FDI aims to draw top technological businesses and talent to the emirate to enhance its economy.

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Authorities address the launch of UAE to attract the world’s top digital companies through NextGenFDI

The UAE is entitled as the world’s finest ecosystem for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Global Entrepreneurship Watch (GEM) 2022 report, in April 2022. The Emirate as being the top destination for foreign direct investment in the area.

The Khalifa Al Zaffin says, The Executive Chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai South. The goals of Dubai South are in line with those of the government. The company promised to provide complete support to meet all business needs. They could do this by adhering to NextGenFDI’s overarching principles.

CEO of DIFC Arif Amiri states that,

With almost 600 businesses, the DIFC boasts the largest FinTech and innovation community in MENA (around 60 per cent across the region).

This shows why DIFC is the greatest choice for helping them gain access to the region’s rising markets,

 In the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, 34 of them are from South Asia and Eastern Europe.

 As per the DIFC Strategy 2030, 

The centre is supporting stable economic growth and strengthening 

Dubai’s position as a significant global hub for finance, innovation, and fintech.

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Sum up

We aim to provide stringent yet realistic policies that will make it simple and profitable for businesses to migrate to the UAE. 

The centre is where more than 60% of the neighbourhood businesses are located.

Consequently, The goal of this program is to boost the impact of FDI in Dubai, which will then spread throughout the area and into the UAE. Researchers will work with the organizations and the individuals.

We need to show that we can help with

1. opening bank accounts, 

2. finding a place to set up offices, getting a company licence, 

3. getting work authorization, and more.

This next-generation initiative will ensure that our setup process is as smooth as our technology ecosystem.

 Through #NextGenFDI, 

We are providing practical steps to make it easy and profitable for businesses to migrate here from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

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