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In a bid to elevate services for residents and businesses, Sharjah introduced a new public parking subscription service on Monday, offering individuals the flexibility to secure a personalized one-month subscription covering two preferred zones.

Diversifying Choices for Residents and Businesses

This recent addition to the parking subscription lineup builds upon existing options for both individuals and establishments, demonstrating the government’s commitment to refining services and improving urban mobility.

Activation and Privileges

Upon activation, the subscription entails a paid parking service, granting subscribers—whether individuals or companies—the right to utilize public parking spaces within Sharjah city based on the subscription’s specifications. The fees for subscriptions vary depending on the chosen type.

Exclusive Category for Specific Eligibilities

An exclusive parking subscription category is tailored for UAE citizens meeting specific criteria, including retirees, the elderly, residents in paid parking zones, government employees in Sharjah city, students, social service beneficiaries, and holders of homeland protectors cards or Waffer cards.

Required Documents and Application Channels

To obtain an exceptional parking subscription, individuals need to provide documents such as Emirates ID, vehicle registration card, and, for commercial subscriptions, a trade license. The application process is facilitated through the SCM website ( and approved service centers by Sharjah City Municipality, with exceptional subscriptions exclusively processed at these centers.

Innovative Approach to Inclusivity: Free Parking Subscriptions for People of Determination

Notably, Sharjah took a significant step last year by introducing free parking subscriptions for people of determination. This initiative streamlined the parking process for this demographic, fostering inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces.

Virtual Linking for Seamless Access

Holders of subscription cards can access free public parking and virtually link it to the parking system, eliminating the need to physically place the card on vehicle windshields. This customer-friendly approach extends to the entire process being conducted online, sparing eligible individuals from the necessity of physically visiting the municipality office.

As Sharjah continues to innovate its parking services, these developments aim to provide a seamless and inclusive experience for residents and businesses alike.

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