Bomb Threat Report

On Wednesday, a United Airlines cross-country flight, identified as flight 1533 from Newark to Los Angeles, made an unscheduled landing in Chicago following a reported bomb threat. The incident, as detailed by local media citing a preliminary police report, prompted various responses and investigations.

Limited Information from United Airlines

United Airlines provided scant details, acknowledging only that the diversion to O’Hare Airport was due to a “security issue” and refrained from offering further comments on the situation.

Secure Landing Amidst High Security Presence

Television coverage from Chicago stations captured the plane’s secure landing at O’Hare, strategically positioned away from the terminal and surrounded by black vans. A passenger, interviewed on local television, revealed that the flight crew announced the diversion about two hours into the flight without providing an explanation. Subsequently, passengers were instructed to remain seated.

Bomb Threat Unveiled on Board

Upon landing, passengers were informed that a bomb threat had been discovered, reportedly written on a mirror in one of the plane’s lavatories. Passengers were then required to disembark without their belongings. Another unidentified passenger disclosed in a television interview that law enforcement personnel removed and searched carry-on luggage from the aircraft.

Law Enforcement Response and FBI Involvement

The Chicago Police Department cleared the scene after meeting the flight, directing further inquiries to the FBI. An FBI spokesperson confirmed their response to the incident at O’Hare Airport but did not disclose additional details.

Reassurance from FBI on Public Safety

The FBI spokesperson assured that there was no indication of an imminent threat to public safety or the facility at the time of the incident.

Resumption of Travel

United Airlines later confirmed that the flight resumed its journey to Los Angeles later in the afternoon on the same day.

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