Last week brought a welcome change for UAE residents with a notable temperature drop, courtesy of record rainfall, thunderstorms, and unexpected hailstorms. However, a shift is on the horizon, as the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts heavy rain and dust storms for the upcoming week.

Weather Dynamics at Play

The prevailing weather conditions are attributed to a surface low-pressure system from the Southwest, accompanied by an upper air depression and a westerly trough, prompting cloud movement from the West, according to insights from the weather department.

Anticipated Conditions: Rainfall and Temperature Drops

The forecast for Sunday and Monday hints at partly cloudy to cloudy conditions with potential heavy rainfall, especially in specific Northern, Eastern, and coastal areas. Monday is expected to bring temperature decreases, particularly in western regions.

Winds of Change

Winds are poised to shift from southeasterly to northwesterly, varying from light to moderate, occasionally becoming fresh in cloudy conditions, potentially leading to blowing dust and sand.

Seas in Flux

Sea conditions are projected to range from slight to moderate, occasionally becoming rough in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Reflecting on Last Week’s Deluge

Last week’s recorded rainfall, equivalent to precipitation levels three decades ago, resulted in flooding across the UAE. The aftermath led to work-from-home directives for employees and a shift to remote learning for schools.

Cloud Seeding Operations

Between February 11 to 15, the UAE conducted 27 cloud seeding operations, specifically targeting clouds with favorable conditions characterized by strong updrafts and high humidity. The objective of these missions was to enhance rainfall in the country.

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