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On January 28, Saiful Islam, a Bangladeshi cleaner in Dubai, reached out to a colleague through a voice note on WhatsApp, requesting his favorite fish fry from their shared hometown, Chittagong. Unfortunately, the message never reached Saiful’s wife.

Hit-and-Run Claims a Life

Two days later, Saiful, aged 41, lost his life in a hit-and-run incident while cycling to work at a Downtown Dubai supermarket. Survived by his wife Jasmine and two young children, the family, over three weeks later, remains in the dark about the repatriation process and details about the accident.

Financial Struggles Amid Grief

Jasmine, speaking from Bangladesh, expressed distress over the limited support received from Saiful’s employer, a mere Dh1,200. As the sole breadwinner, the loss is devastating, making it challenging to raise their children.

A Familiar Tragedy

In a cruel twist, Saiful’s younger brother also died in a road accident in Bangladesh the previous year.

Demanding Justice and Compensation

Saiful’s cousin, Saifuddin, residing with him in Satwa, criticized the cleaning company for neglecting financial obligations and vowed to halt the body’s repatriation until adequate compensation is provided.

Consulate’s Investigation and Documentation

MD Arifur Rahman, first secretary of the Bangladesh Consulate, shared ongoing investigations by the labor wing and outlined entitlements based on proper documentation, including the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET) card.

Community Support and Call for Justice

Residents of 8 Boulevard Walk rallied together to financially support Saiful’s widow, emphasizing his positive impact in the neighborhood. While grateful for community assistance, Jasmine stressed the need for justice, hoping authorities identify the responsible party for the accident and ensure proper restitution, including blood money.

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