Emirates Draw found the man from the viral TikTok video and offered him a chance to win big

The man from the popular TikTok video was tracked down by Emirates Draw and allowed to win big. Shebaz gained instant notoriety on social media after a video featuring him went viral. The catchy line “One day, I will be a huge man” is written behind the image of him waiting at a traffic signal while riding his bicycle in the film.

Who Is Shebaz?

Shebaz, a Pakistani native from Multan, moved to the UAE in February of this year in search of a better life. He immediately began working as a freelance electrician. He rode around Deira for work before purchasing the well-known bicycle with the basket.

A Pakistani ex-pat named Shebaz Ahmed gave his daughter the name Queen Elizabeth earlier this year.

After the birth of my daughter, “my life changed,” he added. My aspirations have been raised by the birth of the girl and the concomitant acquisition of tickets for the Draw. “God’s plan is far superior,” Shebaz concluded.

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Shebaz’s Journey

Shebaz stated, “I bought my bicycle four months ago, and the instant I acquired it, I penned the phrase.

Many others recorded my recordings and posted them on social media. When Emirates Draw saw this video, they started looking for me, said Shebaz.

Emirates Draw had declared their support for making Shebaz’s “one day” a reality and requested the neighborhood to assist in finding Shebaz.

To better his life and get him closer to his dream, they located the “Bicycle Man” and invited him to the live game on Friday. He received a total of 36 complimentary tickets, each costing Dh540z.

“I was leaving my car parked close to Al Mamzar beach. The people at the Draw are seeking me to assist me to come closer to my dream, a woman came up to me and told me,” stated the Pakistani ex-pat.

He was more pleased that he had received both the information on the same day. “I received the call from the Emirates Draw at the same time that I learned I was going to be a father to a girl,”

Shebaz’s Future Plans

The Pakistani ex-pat is awaiting the creation of his bank account and has not yet entered the drawing. Shebaz stated, “I haven’t chosen which numbers to choose during the draw, but whichever number I pick, will be connected to my daughter.”

Shebaz joined his father in his own country as a practitioner after earning a homeopathic medicine and surgery diploma. “If I win at the Draw, there are a few things I would like to start because I have solid expertise in holistic remedies.”

As soon as the UAE government approves his application for a medical license, Shebaz is ready to launch his holistic medicine practice and work to improve the lives of his “family, friends, and humankind regardless of color, nationality, language, etc.”

Final Words

“Shebaz talks about his desire to live in the UAE: “Dubai is a dream city for millions, and their wishes are fulfilled here. People come here in search of a fulfilling life, as do I. The nation’s leaders are active in helping millions of people around the world.. They serve as my motivation, and when I am older, I want to take their road.

Shebaz said, “If I don’t get to win at the draw, I will make it happen one day.

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