Sajeev Nair, the Founder of Limoverse

We interviewed Sajeev Nair this week. He is the Founder of Limoverse. After working in different companies in multiple fields, Sajeev decided to embark on his own journey and build something on his own. He is an inspirational entrepreneur who built some of the largest direct-selling networks in the wellness industry. Later on, he continued his journey in the IT industry.

He is a certified NLP practitioner, trainer, motivational speaker, life coach, and best-selling author. Sajeev is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain & metaverse enthusiast who focuses on developing and growing his companies and projects. Learn more about Sajeev, Limoverse and Vieroots through our interview.  

Give a brief overview of your background and that of the company.

After completing my post-graduation in science as well as business, I started off in the corporate sector in India and worked with a select few companies in fields like pharmaceuticals and media. 

After around ten years, I had this inner calling that I could do much more if I embarked on my own. So I quit the corporate sector and entered the direct selling industry, where I had rapid success, building some of the largest direct-selling networks in the country for some US & Indian giants in the wellness sector. 

During this period, and even before that, I developed a strong passion for perfecting my personal health & fitness. After quitting the direct selling industry for bigger opportunities, I became a more mainstream entrepreneur and started companies in IT, management consulting, hospitality, learning systems etc. 

Meanwhile, my passion for wellness has made me into a biohacker, one of India’s first, and my current initiatives Vieroots Wellness Solutions and Limoverse, are projects that result from my entrepreneurial spirit and this passion for healthy living.

In what ways do you hope to succeed?

We have already succeeded in certain ways. Vieroots Wellness Solutions had clocked around 2 million INR in revenue in its first full year of operation, even though it was a year marred by the pandemic. The majority of that revenue came from Vieroots’ flagship product, EPLIMO, which stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. And we are all set to double or triple our revenue this year. 

And coming to Limoverse, both the social momentum and the initial revenue stream have been stronger than most peers. Our Telegram channel is swelling, showing social interest, which is everything in such projects, and we have close to 63k followers now. We also had an exceptional launch for our Limoverse HealthFi NFT Sneakers at the recent Dubai Active event, with strong sales. And we are yet to do an ICO for our core Limo token.

But yes, these are all preliminary rounds of success. What makes us hopeful of our lasting success is the innovation and disruption our products are bringing to the industry, all for the benefit of health seekers and wellness experts. For instance, Vieroots’ core product EPLIMO is a preventive tool against 250+ lifestyle diseases and only one among a handful of such genomic solutions anywhere in the world. Similarly, Limoverse is the world’s first health and wellness ecosystem and metaverse built on the blockchain, enabling it to be a global wellness economy where health seekers are rewarded for their lifestyle modifications through participation in multiple projects.

In your opinion, what is your company’s or your greatest strength?

We specialize in futuristic solutions. In other words, we deliver tomorrow’s products today. At Vieroots, we are sure that genomic testing and lifestyle modifications based on it are going to be the norm one day rather than the exception it is today. But we are already there, and such futuristic flair keeps us ahead of the curve. We have invested in AI to process the massive amount of genomic data meaningfully, and we have pioneered the joint assessment of genomic and metabolic data for sharply better disease predictions and personalized lifestyle modifications to keep them away.

What was the path you took/your company followed to reach your current position?

This goes a long way back, even though technically, Vieroots is only two years old. When I say long back, I really mean it, as without the complete mapping of the human genome for the first time by the Human Genome Project (HGP) in 2003, none of our solutions would have been possible. Being a futurist in my outlook, I used to keep track of such developments. Then during a visit to the US, I came across the concept of genetic testing and immediately enrolled on it, even though it was quite expensive during those pioneering days.

The test result took me by surprise, as my genetic susceptibilities or hard-coded disease risks were clearly described before me. I knew I had to take transformative action against them or succumb to some of those diseases and live a life of suffering and zero productivity as most people end up soon after retirement age. Furthermore, I wanted to preempt these risks at any cost, and that quest made me a medical researcher and biohacker. I learned about the power of lifestyle modifications and how they can be transformative when they are personalized and comprehensive.

The best way of personalization available today is a mix of genetic and metabolic assessment, and today, after years of hard work with doctors, geneticists, researchers and such experts, Vieroots is known for this kind of geno-metabolic assessment to find risks for developing any among 250+ lifestyle diseases, including the major killers like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. 

Secondly, we went in for comprehensive lifestyle modifications that stood the best chance of keeping these disease risks at bay. For example, we didn’t just suggest changes in diet or exercise but included sleep, de-stressing, herbs, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc., that are research validated against the specific lifestyle diseases. This dual focus on personalization and comprehensiveness is what makes our solution epigenetic or capable of overriding even hard-coded genetic risks in people’s DNA.      

What motivated you to start (or lead) this business?

Any middle-class family is only a hospital bill away from poverty. This awareness used to disturb me, as I had long been in the wellness industry. On the one hand, the incidence of killer diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and organ failures were on the rise, and on the other hand, their treatment costs had turned prohibitively expensive. Hence, a prevention-focused solution like EPLIMO made every sense.

Secondly, I was fortunate enough to work with my co-founders, who have complementary competencies. For example, our co-founder & CEO, Adityanarayan, is a blockchain evangelist. Among his various abilities, which helped us deploy EPLIMO-based solutions on the blockchain, thus paving the way for Limoverse. Similarly, our co-founder & COO, VP Sajeev, is a former scientist and technocrat, which helps us a lot while running Vieroots and Limoverse.

How would you describe your company’s culture and vision?

Scientific temper permeates everything we do in Vieroots and Limoverse. At the end of the day, our vision is that we want our solutions to be truly effective in warding off diseases, and for that, our eyes need to be sharply focused on all the emerging medical research.

We are basically a team of wellness experts, including doctors, dieticians, fitness specialists, yoga teachers, alternative therapists etc. Both our companies are abundant in young talent, and we have a cosmopolitan culture, too, as Limoverse is headquartered in Dubai, with professionals from different countries working with us.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

Several readily come to my mind. The first one is how we tackled the challenge of processing the huge amount of genetic data for each client and how to match it with metabolic traits to come up with the perfect personalized lifestyle modifications. We finally did this by employing an AI-based solution.

Yet another innovation and creative brainstorming led to the idea of Limoverse, as even after the success of EPLIMO, we wanted to bring in independent wellness experts and brands too to this movement. A blockchain-based solution proved to be the perfect solution for this.

What are your company’s strategies, and how do they stand unique from your competitors?

For our flagship product EPLIMO, we have practically no comparable competing product in the geographies in which we operate. Most of our peers are content with just genetic testing and don’t go the extra mile of in-depth and AI-driven analysis to find the perfect personalized solutions for each client.

At Limoverse, we have no competition in any geography, as we are the first blockchain-based health and wellness ecosystem and metaverse anywhere in the world. With our unique upcoming projects in Limoverse, like, ModiFi, CreatiFi, GameFi & DataFi, we intend to stay ahead of the curve even more in the near future.

Where is your leadership going? What benefits do your clients get from your company in this competitive world?

At Vieroots, the principal benefit our clients are getting from our EPLIMO solution is that they can realize which all lifestyle diseases they are likely to develop during their lifetime based on their genetic data and metabolic assessment so that they can keep those diseases at bay by following the comprehensive lifestyle modifications that EPLIMO suggests.

At Limoverse, apart from these above benefits, our customers also get multiple ways to earn from their health data and lifestyle modifications. The first of such projects, HealthFi, a move-to-earn project, is already launched and is earning Limo tokens for those who choose HealthFi NFT Sneakers and then go for daily walks, jogs or runs. By providing such innovative services, we are sure of keeping our leadership in this industry.

What are your company’s services/solutions or products on par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services. 

In our case, it has always been about providing solutions and services that are way above the current industry standards. For example, EPLIMO adheres to the Health 5.0 standards and thus is all about personalization and prevention, whereas the industry is still all about conventional diagnostics and treatments. Limoverse, on the other hand, is a decentralized Web 3.0 project in health and wellness, even when no such solutions are seen on the healthcare horizon. Our upcoming initiatives include successfully listing Limo tokens in the major crypto exchanges, growing the PartnerVerse project with more and more wellness experts and brands, and launching Limoverse GameFi and metaverse.

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