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The UAE President declared Social Welfare Program for Low-Income Citizens under Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan worth AED28 billion instead of AED14 billion.

The goal of the change was to increase the yearly social support budget from AED2.7 billion to AED5 billion.

The order from President Sheikh Mohamed shows his want to assist low-income Emirati families to maintain family and social soundness and to give the residents a decent life.

Hereby, in this article, we will study the social welfare scheme declared by the UAE president.

Overview of the social welfare program for low-income citizens

The Ministry of Community Development, in charge of the program, give many social benefits to low-income national families, such as the head of the family allowance, the wife allowance, and the kid allowance.

The program has temporary financial help for job seekers and unemployed over the age of 45. It also provides cash help for housing and other essential needs.

As per the program, another four new allowances are:

  • housing allowance
  • the allowance for college expenses
  • the allowance for unemployed people over 45
  • for those who are looking for work.

A brief introduction to new allowances of the UAE President’s social initiative for limited-income residents.

Housing Allowance:

This new initiative pays a housing stipend of AED 1,500 to AED 2,500 per month until the family moves into government housing.

Applicants are eligible for 60% of these sums if they live with their parents or any other family.

If you get government housing help or have a home that is in your name, you are not eligible for this allowance. Once they move into government housing, beneficiaries will no longer get this payment.

Education Allowance:

High school students who enrol in college will earn a monthly allowance of AED3,200 (as per the Education and Human Resources Council).

It also covers students under the age of 25 who are pursuing diplomas or university programs, in each family (between AED2,400 and AED800).

Allowance to unemployed residents:

To the Citizens above 45, financial benefits offered, range from AED2000 to AED5000 per month and it is secure depending on the age of the receiver.

Unemployed job seekers’ allowance

Each beneficiary of this allowance, regardless of age, will get AED 5000 each month for six months.

Extending the current allowances:

The goal of this program is to improve the benefits provided to all family members, including the three benefits that are now provided:

  • the allowance for the family head.
  • the allowance for the wife.
  • the allowance for the children.

Family Allowance:

Depending on the number of years of experience, the Head of the Family allowance increases. Starting at Dhs5,000 per month, this allowance will rise to Dhs13,000 per month after 10 years of work experience at a rate of Dhs2,000 per month.

To increase the social support of low-income national families, this also includes enhancing the wife’s stipend to Dhs3,500.

Children’s allowance:

Added as part of the social aid program, Dhs2,400 per month for the first child, Dhs1,600 per

month for the second and third child, and Dhs800 per month for the fourth child or more, given compensation is up to the age of 21.

Inflation Allowances:

The social welfare plan offers three different sorts of benefits: food, water, electricity, and fuel subsidies.

Food, water, and electricity supplement Allowances:

As part of this effort, the government agrees to cover 75% of the increase in food prices as part of a commitment to give Emirati families the help they need to meet their needs and live decently. A 50% subsidy on water and electricity.

The social welfare program offers a monthly water subsidy at a value of 50% for water usage of fewer than 26,000 gallons and an electricity subsidy of 50% for electricity consumption of fewer than 4,000 kilowatts.

Fuel Allowance:

The social welfare scheme provides a monthly subsidy equal to 85% of the rise in fuel prices over AED2.1 per litre. The working lady also receives a monthly subsidy of 200 litres to the 300 litres given to the household head. In the meantime, if the woman isn’t supported, the family’s head receives a 400-litre subsidy.

FAQ’s Around Social Welfare Scheme by UAE President.

1. Does Eimaritis get free houses?

For eligible Emiratis, the UAE government allots land and offers free housing or housing loans, residential facilities, and maintenance. In this respect, the UAE makes sure that everyone has access to essential services and housing that is appropriate, safe, and inexpensive.

2. How can get financial help in UAE?

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority can provide financial support.

3. Does UAE have a welfare system?

All UAE nationals, including those with special needs, orphans, low-income individuals, and those with other specific characteristics, are covered in full by the UAE’s social welfare program and get help.


Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development stated that the orders of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed, which will extend coverage to more households, have already started to be executed by the Ministry of Community Development (MoCD).

The social welfare scheme declared by the UAE president is built on three pillars. To help Emirati families with limited resources. The nation’s Social Welfare Program for low-income citizens will support the leadership’s goal of making the UAE one of the best nations in fostering community and quality of life.

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