attestaion of diploma certificates in the UAE

A Ministry seal of approval on this document will increase its authenticity and value for you in the long term. Thus document attestation in Dubai is decisive for the complete validity of the process. It is one of the fundamental criteria for jobs in the UAE.

Attesting documents in Dubai can be a hassle and a hard process for individuals who are new to the process. It would be essential to be well-read about the procedure to get your documents certified in the UAE.

This article contains all the details, that need to know about the whole process of how to get your Academic Credential Certification in the UAE.

Why are attesting certifications necessary?

You must provide officials, with proof of the validity and legality of your documents when you migrate to a new country. Attestation describes the process of approving the accuracy of your credentials in documents.

Overview of MoFAIC Attestation 

Locals and visitors who need their academic credentials and other documents issued outside the country certified have been encouraged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) to follow the necessary procedures to avoid being turned away.

One of them is to ensure that all paperwork is approved by the proper authorities in the recipient nations before being delivered to the ministry for attestation.

In the UAE, MoFAIC attestation is (primarily) a mandated procedure to confirm the validity of significant certifications and documents needed for employment, visas, studies, medical, or any other purposes.

A Brief Explanation of MoFAIC Credentials Certification Process

MoFAIC offers all attestation services for papers issued in the UAE, whether they were issued or abroad.

The ministry has made it clear that to certify educational certificates issued outside the nation, it is necessary to ensure that the documents are verified and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the nation where the certificates were issued, as well as to ensure that the certificates are approved by the UAE embassy or consulate abroad or the foreign mission inside the nation.

All documents filed to MoFAIC for attestation must be issued by the nation’s respective government bodies.

Procedure for attestation of certificates in the UAE

1. Get register yourself

  • Access the MoFAIC registration website.
  • Choose the sort of customer (individual or company).
  • Enter the required details, then click “Submit.”
  • Those who already have a SmartPass account can sign in using their login information. If you don’t currently have a SmartPass account, you might need to create one.
  • All UAE smart services, available to both residents and visitors, can be accessed by people having SmartPass accounts.

2Apply for MoFAIC attestation in the UAE

  • The page takes you to a smart form after you log in to the portal.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details.
  • Attach the document you want to have attested.
  • Choose the authority that will perform the attestation, then submit it.

3: Application Review

The authority of your choice will assess the application as soon as it is delivered. If your application satisfies all requirements, you will receive authorisation to proceed with the payment.


Q1. Is MoFAIC attestation mandatory?

It is necessary for you to get the MOFA’s attestation. To confirm the authenticity of the certificate’s stamp and signature, the embassy attests it before MOFA.

Q2. How to pay MoFAIC registration fees?

Before visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs branch, you must first pay the MOFA attestation cost online.

Q3. Which attestation is necessary for the UAE?

All educational credentials, whether professional or academic, coming from India must first be certified by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the UAE before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Government may grant a UAE visa.

Q4. How long is the validity of an attestation?

It has five years of validity.

Q5. How long does it take in Dubai to approve a document?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can complete the attestation in one to two days if all documents have been provided. If there is an emergency, the certificates can be attested on the same day.

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Must-Know: As part of MoFAIC’s ongoing pledge to enhance its contribution, the ministry has built smart registration forms for individuals and enterprises.

Also, the MoFAIC ministry’s official website and smart application both provide a smart certification service for legal papers, commercial invoices, medical records, and marriage contracts.

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