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In Lucknow, the LuLu Group debuted its first mall. The LuLu Group mall, owned by UAE-based billionaire Yusuf Ali MA, is the biggest shopping centre in northern India.

On July 10, 2022, in the state capital of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath opened the LuLu Mall. Indian-born billionaire Yusuff Ali MA, the group chairman, was also present.

Lucknow Culture: Cultural Heritage of Lucknow City India

Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh (India ) is one of the most beautiful and Fascinating.

The city is especially famous for its ‘ Tehzeeb and Adab and Kababs’ (hospitality and Manners) and the soft-spoken, sweet-tongued, Lucknowi culture. The city has benefited from the establishment of the second-largest mall in India.

Lucknow became the centre of a cultural renaissance when the capital moved from Faizabad to Lucknow in 1776. The apex of Kathak, Thumri, Khayal, Dadra, Gazals, Qawalies, and Sher-o-Shairi hold out while under royal patronage.

About Lulu Mall Lucknow

Well, talking about the size they say “Size does matter” the same exhibited by the LuLu Mall in Lucknow. The massive 2000 crore is located in the centre of Lucknow at the Amar Shaheed Path Mall supermarkets in India.

The mall is number five in the chain of malls in the group with the others being in Thrissur, Kochi, Bengaluru, and Thiruvananthapuram.

The Chief Minister, Mr Yogi Adityanath, expressed his utmost happiness at the opening. By addressing that,

This mall will serve as a spectacular monument for the people of Uttar Pradesh and also be a popular tourism destination on a global scale.

The chairman of the group the billionaire Mr Yusuff Ali also conveyed his sheer happiness in delivering the group’s dream project.

The group’s chairman also highlighted that the mall will, and, contribute to employment generation for people in Lucknow.

Introduction to the Lulu’s Group International

Yusuff Ali MA (UAE based) aged 66 is the LuLu Group.

The head of a global company, who is renowned as the retail king of the Middle East and has more than 200 outlets throughout the Gulf and the rest of the world,

Is placed at #490 on the Forbes list and has a net worth of $4.7 billion.

The Lulu Mall Lucknow is a part of the group’s retail sector, which is one of the lines of business operated. This is evident from the business model of the group.

(others being Manufacturing and processing, Distribution, Hospitality, and Real estate).

LuLu Group is planning to open twenty more hypermarkets around the globe in the coming two years.

The LuLu Group has been making every effort to provide individuals with the worldly wise experiences possible.

The vicinity of Lucknow’s LuLu Mall

The largest of a group of five LuLu malls spread across India is the one in Lucknow, which spans a sizable 11 acres and cost Rs 20,000 crore to build.

Lulu Mall Lucknow
Lulu Mall Lucknow

Finally, the Mall offers Lunowkers a variety of alternatives for its sheer size.

The Mall’s position as the second-ranked Indian retail mall is conclusive evidence.

(The first largest mall, is Hyderabad’s Sarath City Capital Mall.)

The mall has one of the largest hypermarkets in India, a 2,500-seater multi-cuisine food court, 11 fine dining restaurants, and 6 cafes, brands like:

Starbucks, Costa coffee, Chillies, Mac Donalds, and many other restaurants offer finger-licking experiences serving across a massive food court.

The mall, which has over 300 brands and has a space of 22,000 square feet, is home to well-known national and worldwide companies.

Lulu connects an in-house electronic store that offers a great range of electronic products.

The fashion store in Lulu offers a wide variety of fashion brands.

The Indoor amusement park, tag arena, Video games and virtual reality arena is a treat for children and adults alike.

The mall features a gold class 9-screen multiplex and a leisure zone including South India’s largest ice skating rink.

A trampoline park, and a 12-lane bowling alley.

Sum Up

The LuLu Mall Lucknow is well situated on NH 27, the 126 km long, four-lane Lucknow-Sultanpur National Highway, with a separate service road for the mall. The distance between the city centre and the mall is only 20 minutes. Sushant Golf City, which has a total development area of 1,85,800 square metres, has The Mall.

The mall’s parking facilities comprises a multi-level car park that is immediately connected to the mall on all floors as well as a highly advanced traffic control system. 

This is a must-visit for Lukhnowkers and people travelling across this part of India.

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