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Dive into the Future of Neurorehabilitation: Explore the Groundbreaking ‘recoveriX’ Franchise Model by g.tec, Transforming Lives with Advanced Brain-Computer Interface Technology. Learn how g.tec’s Commitment to Scientific Excellence and Ongoing Support Redefines Patient Care and Franchise Success. Unveil the Technological Innovations, Scalability Strategies, and Cybersecurity Measures Elevating ‘recoverixX’ in the Global Market. Join us as g.tec Shares Success Stories, Showcasing the Positive Impact on Patients and Franchisees. A Must-Read for Those Embracing the Future of Neurorehabilitation!

g.tec’s Neurotechnological Prowess

We started the interview by asking, “Can you provide an overview of g.tec and its role in the development of the “recoveriX” franchise model?”

Christoph Guger replied, “g.tec is a medical technology company, producing a variety of brain computer interface hard- and software solutions. g.tec started about 25 years ago with the development and design of brain-computer interface technology. These BCI systems are used in more than 100 countries worldwide by Universities like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, by hospitals and rehabilitation centers and by industry like BMW, Airbus, NASA, Meta, in the context of g.tec, recoveriX is the first non-invasive medical product used for neurorehabilitation of stroke and MS patients. The recoveriX franchise model arose to tackle a need for widespread patient access to quality rehabilitation. This model allows clinical partners to grow the recoveriX presence across the globe, shortening the distance to high quality care for patients. g.tec is as well active in the invasive brain-computer interface domain and works together with neurosurgeons to implant systems into the human brain. This has the big advantage that we can learn from these experiments how to make neurorehabilitation better and how to better produce neuroplasticity.”

g.tec’s Competitive Edge

Entrepreneur Mirror: What key factors make g.tec stand out as a potential partner for franchises like “recoveriX”?

Christoph Guger replied, “g.tec’s primary focus on scientific and clinical excellency, and a committed team who is dedicated to support franchisees in their growth and development. g.tec has a large development and research team and we are doing everything from the scientific research, to production and sales in house and this makes everything very efficient. With our own recoveriX center we are able to run clinical studies with stroke patients or patients with Multiple Sclerosis with very high quality and this enables to make our products very efficient and safe.”

Empowering Franchise Success

Entrepreneur Mirror: How does g.tec support franchisees in terms of technology integration and ongoing support?

Christoph Guger replied, “g.tec provides to a franchisee all neurotechnology and the standard operating procedure. Then the franchisee team is trained so that the fully understand how the brain-computer interface works. This is testified with a training certificate and allows the therapies finally to use recoveriX in their own center. At the same time the franchisee has to organize rooms for the therapy and can already invite neurological patients to come to the therapy. g.tec is continuously dedicated to improving the patient experience and investigating new impactful application areas of the technology. g.tec provides ongoing technical, operational and marketing support, with regular meetings, workshops and strategic development in collaboration with franchise partners.”

Revolutionizing Neurorehabilitation

Entrepreneur Mirror: Can you elaborate on the technological innovations or tools that g.tec brings to the “recoveriX” franchise, enhancing its operational efficiency?

Christoph Guger replied, “From the start, gtec provides technical training and support in setting up the franchise business, from financial considerations, operational needs and go-to-market strategies. Throughout the partnership, g.tec provides an extensive platform of shared content to all franchisees, including brand identity guidelines, marketing materials, content for the promotion of growth & development. Additionally, the team derives insights from the franchisee network to support new and existing partners on their individual growth journey.

The recoveriX system by itself combines many standard treatments that are recommended by the US and Canadian stroke association into a single system. recoveriX uses motor imagery, mirror neuron therapy, functional electrical stimulation, Virtual Reality therapy, bilateral training, task related training and constraint induced movement therapy at the same time. In addition, we have the real-time coupling of the cognitive processing with the motor behavior with the brain-computer interface technology and this makes recoveriX so effective.”

Strategic Growth Blueprint

Entrepreneur Mirror: In terms of scalability, how does g.tec assist franchisees in expanding their operations and adapting to market changes?

Christoph Guger replied, “The team at g.tec consistently builds its network, stays up to date with industry trends and opportunities while maintaining an open communication flow with all franchisees. Strategic planning is discussed on a regular basis, consulting on feasibility and supporting materials. Our long-term goal is to have a recoveriX center with 30 min driving distance for a patient so that everybody can easily get a treatment. Ideally a franchisee covers a whole town, district, state or even a country. This makes everything much more efficient for g.tec and the franchisee. In Austria we work together with a franchisee that has already recoveriX-centers in all major locations in Austria and this is ideal to run successfully a business.”

Selecting Partners for Success

Entrepreneur Mirror: What criteria does g.tec consider when selecting potential franchise partners for “recoveriX”?

Christoph Guger replied, “Experience, Passion and Commitment. For gtec, is it crucial that a franchisee partner has a genuine interest and understanding of the product and target audience. Ideally a partner covers a whole region with recoveriX-centers. By opening the first location the partner can learn how to do it efficiently and this can be duplicated for multiple other recoveriX-centers. Previous experience in healthcare and/or business acumen are preferred, and a clear vision on future financial and operational needs are essential. Finally, the potential franchisee should show commitment to quality service, solid structural plans and a growth mindset.”

Cybersecurity Assurance

Entrepreneur Mirror: How does g.tec address challenges related to cyber security and data protection within the “recoveriX” franchise model?

Christoph Guger replied, “With regard to cyber security, we follow the guidelines of the European Union’s Medical Device Coordination Group as well as those of the US Food and Drug Administration. This means we have identified multiple potential attack vectors and implemented appropriate mitigation strategies such as system and operating system hardening, malware detection and authentication procedures. Our strategies are reviewed annually by independent authorities. The recoveriX system does not allow internet connection, ensuring that patient data is locally stored.”

g.tec’s Forward Momentum
Entrepreneur Mirror:
Can you discuss the ongoing research and development initiatives at g.tec that may impact the evolution of the “recoveriX” franchise model?

Christoph Guger replied, “We are currently working on new clinical trials to expand the use of the product and include additional patient groups. We are also working on new gamification strategies to further increase the appeal of the treatment. Last but not least, we are constantly fine-tuning and improving our motor imagery recognition algorithms, which in turn increases customer satisfaction. Very soon we will be able to show the efficiency of recoveriX treatment for other neurological illnesses.”

Strategic Alliances for Success
Entrepreneur Mirror:
What kind of marketing and branding support does g.tec provide to ensure the success and visibility of the “recoveriX” franchise in the market?

Christoph Guger replied, “g.tec develops personalized marketing materials and content for all franchise partners. The team also supports franchisees with local activities and events, honing its knowledge of science, technology, design and access to an extended network. Additionally, the g.tec team produces promotional videos and patient case studies, participates in interviews and podcasts, runs global-scale hackathons and collaborates with research institutions. Of course, scientific papers showing the effective and safe rehabilitation process of recoveriX are key. In these papers we could show that almost every patient improves when recoveriX is used. On average patients improve a lot. Some patients get much, much better and just a few patients improve just a bit. But when recoveriX is used twice the effect is further enhanced, so the therapy effect does not stop after 25 recoveriX sessions. We have plenty of patients that did 50 treatments and they just further improved. For some patients we don’t even see anymore that they were handicapped before.”

g.tec’s Triumphs

Entrepreneur Mirror: What success stories or case studies can you share that highlight the positive impact of g.tec’s involvement in the growth and success of “recoveriX” franchises?

Christoph Guger replied, “G.tec partner, physiotherapist Gerlinde Percht has opened recoveriX centers in 8 locations across Austria and growing. In total she is running 10 recoveriX systems at the moment. For example in Vienna the demand is so high that she is treating patients with 3 systems at the same time. The success of the recoveriX patients made it of course already to main TV, to title pages of newspapers and to radio and podcasts. In this way more patients and neurologist are getting aware of recoveriX and they are sending us more and more patients. With determination, kindness and ambition to help, Gerlinde has expanded the reach of recoveriX and supported a large community of stroke and MS patients in their rehabilitation. Gerlinde is one of the first recoveriX franchisees to join the network. Through regular meetings with g.tec, we collaboratively set strategic goals for patient awareness, improved patient experience and expansion. The g.tec team supported preparation of materials, presentations and development of crucial local partnerships which have led to important reimbursement protocols. We jointly participated in events and conferences across the country, provided training and connections in expanding to new locations. In driving patient awareness, the creation of recoveriX promotional videos has proven to be invaluable.”

A Final Message from Christoph Guger

Lastly we asked, “
Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

recoveriX is a very new technology and therefore everybody has to help us to spread the world to allow us to make patients better. Inform your friends and loved ones that there is a new option to make them better even many, many years after a stroke or after living with MS. It just works.” Christoph Guger concluded

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