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We recently had the privilege of interviewing Shameer Omer, Founder and CEO of Bathool. Motivated by his path from Soft Skills Trainer to Group HR Manager at Royal Horizon Holding, Shameer developed his idea of founding Bathool, a special platform that was different from traditional job sites.

As the CEO of the company, Shameer Omer has significantly contributed towards its success. In this interview, Shameer Omer shares his professional journey, the secret behind the success of his business, overcoming challenges, promoting collaboration in the team, and setting the approaches apart to ensure success, while offering valuable suggestions for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Spark Behind Bathool

We started the interview by asking, “What ignited your passion and led you to embark on your professional journey in the job market?”

Shameer Omer shared, “My journey from a Soft Skills Trainer to the Group HR Manager for Royal Horizon Holding inspired me in the journey. I conceived the idea of creating a unique platform distinct from conventional job sites. This led to the inception of, driven by my entrepreneurial passion, and has since achieved notable success.

Bathool streamlines connections between candidates and employers, offering faster solutions. In the last 18 months, we’ve successfully attracted almost 40,000 candidates and 20,000 companies and recruiters, experiencing a daily growth rate of 100. The platform aims to reshape the job market by providing an efficient recruitment process for both candidates and employers.”

Company’s Path To Current Status

We were curious to learn more about the development of Shameer Omer’s company. So, we asked, “Can you share the path your company took to reach its current stage of development?”

Shameer Omer responds, “The journey started with a desire to support job seekers in the UAE, and it evolved into the ambitious project of After a year of extensive research and collaboration with programmers, we successfully developed the website. Overcoming challenges in the form of automated processes, the team’s persistence and hard work played a crucial role in reaching where we are today.”

The Passion Behind This Journey

To learn more about the  factors that influenced Shameer Omer’s decision to join this industry, we inquired, “Why did you decide to start this venture, and how did it evolve into a larger project?”

Be shared, “Initially, the decision was to support job seekers in the UAE. However, as we observed the positive impact of our services, we realized the potential to make a broader impact. The idea evolved into a larger project, aiming to reshape the recruitment process and provide a faster, more effective solution for both candidates and employers.”

Secret Behind The Success

We further asked, “Given Bathool’s impressive success and growth, could you provide insights into the key factors contributing to your company’s rise in the market?”

Shameer Omer continued, “Our intuitive platform and ground-breaking CV distribution service have not only simplified the job search process but also yielded significant success. Bathool enables job seekers to effortlessly register within minutes and then take care of the rest. The platform automatically rewrites cover letters and sends out thousands of job applications directly to the HR departments of companies within the specific industry and location that the candidate is targeting.

The platform’s impact is evident, as 95% of registered candidates experience significantly higher response rates, and nearly 10% successfully secure employment through Excitingly, is poised for expansion across the GCC, with a planned launch by 2024. The journey thus far has been remarkable, witnessing our team grow from 3 employees to 44 in just one and a half years, underscoring our substantial influence.”

Teamwork Fueling Growth

Every successful company has a few essential components that enable growth. We asked, “What do you believe is the biggest strength of your company at the moment?”

Shameer Omer passionately responds, “Without a doubt, our biggest strength is our team, working globally, contributing to the success of our operations. The team’s collective effort in creating robust data collection and the successful development of our website is what sets us apart.”

Adaptability Amidst Adversities

Every firm will inevitably go through difficult times. To learn how Shameer Omer and his team overcame the same, we asked, “What have been the biggest challenges your company had to overcome?”

One of our major challenges was developing the program that automated our operations. Despite facing difficulties and contemplating giving up multiple times, the team persisted, and after numerous attempts, we successfully created a fully automated system. Overcoming these challenges has been a defining moment in our journey.” He replied.

“What key values helped you overcome roadblocks and challenges in your career?”

Shameer Omer added, “Perseverance has been a key value that helped me overcome challenges in my career. Embracing the mindset that there are no problems, only challenges has been instrumental in achieving things that initially seemed impossible.”

A Unique Approach

To determine the success of a business amidst the tough competition, it is paramount to have an exceptional approach. We asked, “How do your company’s strategies stand out from competitors in the industry?”

Shameer Omer shared, “Unlike many job sites that demand extensive time and yield unsatisfactory results, offers a unique approach. Candidates register and, with minimal effort, start receiving responses from companies. Our service streamlines the recruitment process for both candidates and companies, saving time and effort. Since inception, we have been dedicated to enhancing our product to elevate the success ratio of our service.”

Supporting Community And Sustainability

Social responsibility is a significant aspect.

We asked, “What initiatives is Bathool involved in to contribute to the community or environment?”

Shameer Omer replied, “We actively participate in social responsibility initiatives, supporting community development and environmental sustainability. This includes educational partnerships, charity drives, and efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. We offer complimentary access to our bathool service for individuals in need, waiving any associated fees.

I recall a gentleman who lost a kidney and registered with us in the UAE was in dire need of a job. A successful candidate, hired through our bathool service, informed us of his situation. We provided our paid service to him for free, and he eventually landed a job in a reputable company in the UAE. Such success stories inspire our team.”

Learning The Priorities

Innovation is key and a vital element in the growth of the business. We asked, “How does Bathool foster innovation within the organization?”

Shameer Omer shared, “Customer experience is at the forefront of our priorities. We prioritize continuous feedback loops, personalized customer support, and technology-driven improvements to ensure that we meet the evolving needs of our users. We foster innovation through a dedicated team that tackles challenges, especially during our platform’s automation process. Bathool encourages a culture of creativity and problem-solving, leading to the successful development of our cutting-edge software. The Bathool mobile app is scheduled to be launched within the next 6 months by the way.”

Envisioning The Future

To learn more about Shameer Omer’s perspective on the progress of his company in the upcoming years, we asked, “How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how do you plan to drive that change?”:

Shameer Omer replied, “In two years, aims to be a leading global job portal, revolutionizing recruitment with advanced technology for swift solutions. Expanding operations to more countries, our goal is to launch Bathool in the GCC within the next six months, providing seamless, prompt, and efficient recruitment solutions through iOS and Android apps. Anticipating significant demand, our focus is on delivering a fast and efficient job-seeking platform for candidates and employers in the region.”

A Glimpse Of New Releases

Curious to learn about the latest releases of Shameer Omer’s company, we inquired, “Can you share information about any upcoming products or services from your company?”

He shared, “We are continuously evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. While our current focus is on the CV distribution service, we are exploring and developing additional features and services to further enhance the overall recruitment experience for candidates and companies by 2024. Stay tuned for exciting updates.”

Key Points For Beginners, we asked Shameer Omer

Wrapping up the interview, we asked, “Based on your experience, what advice do you have for newcomers in the industry? Share key lessons shaping your professional perspective.”

Shameer Omer concluded, “As a newcomer to the industry and business landscape, my advice may be limited, but I encourage job seekers in the UAE to focus their efforts on efficient job search strategies. It is crucial to invest time in preparing a compelling CV and cover letter before embarking on the job search journey. Additionally, thorough preparation for interviews is essential.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, persistence is paramount. Despite the initial challenges, continuous effort and resilience are key to eventual success. The entrepreneurial journey may be challenging at first, but perseverance is the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving long-term goals.”

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