Terrorist Group

Terrorist Group In a session lasting over five hours, the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal delved into a case where multiple individuals stand accused of forming a secret terrorist group and engaging in money laundering.

Presentation of Evidence by Public Prosecution

The court heard the Public Prosecution’s arguments, backed by a range of evidence, including technical reports, audio and video materials, and written documents. The accused were present during the proceedings.

Distinct Case and Prosecution’s Assertions

Emphasizing the uniqueness of this case from Case No. 79 of 2012 State Security, the prosecution clarified that it does not constitute a retrial. They affirmed the consistency of the confessions obtained from the accused with investigations conducted by state authorities. The charges involve the alleged formation of the ‘Committee for Justice and Dignity’ to incite violence and demonstrations against the state.

Presence of Defense Lawyers and Family Members

In attendance were defense lawyers and family members of the accused, observing the legal proceedings unfold.

Upcoming Session and Further Developments

The next session is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, marking a continuation of the legal process.

UAE Attorney-General’s Action Against Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the UAE’s Attorney-General, has taken action by referring 84 defendants, primarily associated with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in the UAE, to the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeals Court. The charges involve the establishment of another covert organization with the alleged intent of carrying out violent and terrorist acts on UAE soil.

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