Ayman Tayeb

Industry leaders who are committed and ambitious with their business can bring a positive impact in the industry, and Ayman Tayeb perfectly fits this. He enjoys working as a part of a team or being the leader, and always maintains a professional approach no matter what the circumstances.

As the founder of Tayeb Maintenance, Ayman excels at staying focused under pressure, managing critical deadlines, and efficiently handling difficult and stressful situations.

Educational Background And Early Life

Ayman Ahmed Tayeb, aged 57 years, holds his family in high regard and takes great pride in his family. Ayman has completed two years of study in English literature at King Abdulaziz University, and he is currently pursuing an online vocational master’s degree in media and public relations.

Ayman Tayeb shares, “I have over 33 years of experience in both the military and civilian aviation fields. I also have good volunteer experience in the civil defense sector. I hold two FAA certificates, one for aircraft dispatcher and the other for advanced ground instructor. I completed these courses in the United States, in Sanford, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as several small aviation courses in Saudi Arabia.”

More About Ayman’s Business

Having worked in the aviation industry for more than two decades, Ayman has a wealth of expertise in the subject. In addition, he built Tayeb Maintenance and is also a certified media content manager.

Ayman Tayeb shares, “I spent 23 years working in flight operations for Saudia Airlines at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. Eventually, I spent another ten years working as a chief interpretation translator for Vinnell Arabia Aviation while employed by the Saudi National Guard.

After garnering extensive experience in this field, I decided to start my own business. I started my business of A/C repair and electrical repairs, Tayeb Maintenance. Currently, we have one branch only, but we are hopeful of expanding in the future. I am also a certified Media Content Manager, from the Saudi Ministry of Media. I always publish aviation news on my Twitter account, @aymanahmedTayeb, and my LinkedIn account.”

Being A Successful Leader

An efficient leader can uplift the team and take the business to new heights of success. With a clear vision and agile approaches, a good leader can change the course of a business for good. Ayman reflects, “A successful leader should be emotionally intelligent and should set an example for others and of course, should be humble.”

Adapting To Technological Advancements

Fast-paced technological advancement has redefined the way businesses perform, offering them a wide range of solutions to enhance efficiency.

Ayman Tayeb shares, “I try my best in my private business to keep up with the digital revolution and tech-driven changes. I am also planning to make an application for my business. Moreover, I have a Google business account and also an Amazon business account.”

Message To Beginners, We asked: Ayman Tayeb

Beginners will find it extremely helpful to get guidance from Industry leaders like Ayman Tayeb. He shares, “My advice to anyone planning to start in this field is that to succeed in this field, prioritize a favorable location, invest in web support and services, and consider developing an app.”

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