We recently had the privilege of interviewing Sohail M. Khan (SK), Solopreneur, and fCTO (fractional CTO) at Quantum Edge FZ-LLC. SK is a seasoned technology expert with over 20 years of consulting & IT experience. He specializes in solving complex business and technical challenges (think beyond a million data points) using AI, cloud computing, and advanced analytics across diverse domains, especially for the all-important AdTech and AITech spaces. According to his latest (bold) claim the future will be a mix of AI, Web 3.0, and Quantum Technology.

Sohail M. Khan leverages his vast network and technical know-how to cater to tech companies in the UAE and beyond. His specialization lies in startup and scale-up business models. In this session, SK shares his career journey, vision for his business, and plans for securing his business legacy.

Career Trajectory

We were interested in learning more about his career path, so we asked, ‘Could you describe your career journey and the pivotal experiences that shaped your path to becoming a leader in your industry?

Sohail M. Khan shared, 鈥淚 completed my Masters in Sydney, Australia, after immigrating from Pakistan in 2004. My experience staying in a hostel in another city at just 18 years old influenced my decision to attend UNSW, one of the world’s top universities in Australia. I worked for renowned U.S. companies for the majority of my career, which led to my migration to Singapore in 2018. I took on more significant responsibilities and worked closely, aligning with time zones, with top professionals in global IT regions such as New York, U.S.; London, U.K.; India; and Japan.’鈥

Adaptability Amidst Adversities

Challenges are a part of every journey. To learn how SK overcame these phases, we inquired, 鈥淎s your company has grown and faced various challenges, how has your original vision evolved to meet these changes?鈥

He shared, 鈥Despite being a veteran surpassing two decades, I’ve always craved more business and technical knowledge. AI and its applicability make me doubt my method (typical unknown syndrome), becoming a vital tool to find diverse and valuable solutions for challenges ahead.

Eventually, I founded Quantum Edge and we offer a plethora of services, including faster and secure quantum internet, quantum computing in AI applications, and expert consultancy for businesses that are finding it hard to establish in this digital era.鈥

Potential Market Trends

We further asked, 鈥淟ooking at the horizon, which emerging trend do you believe is undervalued but will significantly impact your industry in the next few years?鈥

AI, particularly Deep Learning algorithms with Quantum Technology, will be crucial for the Quantum journey in the coming decades.鈥 He added.

Spark Behind The Idea

Eager to learn more about Sohail M. Khan’s inspiration behind crafting his business, we asked, 鈥淲as there a specific moment when you identified an unmet need in the market that inspired you to start your venture? How did you turn that idea into reality?鈥

Sohail shared, 鈥After moving to the UAE, I realized the significance of Jack Ma’s advice to create multiple solutions as you get older. I believe I possess the necessary qualities of resilience, vision, and commitment to succeed. It’s still a work in progress for me to turn those ideas into reality and to make those thoughts a reality, I still have a ways to go, and I’ll need your support, the readers of this interview.鈥

Assessment Of The Right Track

We also wanted to learn more about the approaches adopted by Sohail M. Khan to track the right strategies for his business. So, we asked, 鈥淚n the transforming environment of your industry, how do you assess when it’s time to pivot your strategy versus when to stay the course?鈥

Success requires openness to expert advice, adaptation to the current environment, and embracing feedback to guide strategic decisions. Continuously adjust strategies, be it quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily, to unlock the potential of the brain.鈥 He added.

An Innovative Idea

We asked, 鈥淐ould you share the inspiration behind one of your key services?鈥

Sohail shared, 鈥Disruptive technologies are like a wild horse. You will always feel the pressure from it to go where it wants to take you. But with the mindset of a master at work, you will be able to tame the horse, market, or other services in this case. Quantum AI or as I call it #GenMediaAI is a live example of a product that has pivoted at least 4 to 5 times in less than 2 months of its existence. As the merge of quantum computing and AI, Quantum AI combines the potential to revolutionize computation with the continued advancement of data processing. And in a relatively short period, Quantum AI has seen significant transformations.

Integrating Core Principles

To learn more about the incorporation of social responsibility and sustainable practices in his business, we inquired, 鈥淪ustainability and social responsibility are critical in the current business world. How have you integrated these principles into the fabric of your company, and why do you think it’s essential for your sector?鈥

He responded, 鈥As the sole entrepreneur and founder of Quantum Edge, I prioritize social responsibility. Sustainability is a natural result of this mindset as it ensures long-term benefits for our future selves and systems. Many of my teammates and loved ones share this commitment.鈥

Reshaping Businesses

Fast-paced digital transformations are redefining the way businesses perform. We asked, 鈥淗ow is technology playing a role in helping your company move forward?鈥

Technology has driven my lifelong journey. We have only scratched the surface and must embrace various tech fields for significant impact. We need to stay the course and use xTech – HealthTech, FinTech, AdTech, EdTech, AgTech, ComplianceTech, QuantumTech, IntentTech, SelfTech, etc., for anything significant in our lives.鈥 Sohail replied.

Building Legacy – Shining Amidst Uncertainties

Lastly, we asked, 鈥淎s we look into the future, faced with both opportunities and uncertainties, how are you positioning your company to not just survive but flourish?鈥

Sohail concluded, 鈥Learn to value each customer, even if it’s your family or friend as if he is going to be your only one. Plan as if the whole world will use your company in some way or another. Opportunities come and go but you desire to live and excel with the uncertainties that make or break you.

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