Alessandro Venezia

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Alessandro Venezia, Venezialand owner and GM at Belcanto Restaurant, Dubai. With a deep admiration for the food and beverage industry, Alessandro has been emerging as a strong leader and problem-solver in this field.

With a commitment to optimize operations to reduce expenses and enhance organizational efficiency, Alessandro delivers exceptional service to clients and cultivates a pleasant work atmosphere for employees. Belcanto Restaurant is an exquisite venue offering a unique Italian dining experience and Alessandro with all his team contributes to offering the best guest experience. 

Spark Behind The Journey

We started the interview by asking, “What initially drew you to your field, and how did your early experiences shape your approach to business?”

Alessandro Venezia

Alessandro Venezia shared, “I fell in love with the F&B industry and started living in Melbourne, Australia when I was young. Eventually, I learnt business from around the world, particularly, in the USA, in Miami, Singapore, Italy, and I’m still learning in UAE, Dubai, where I am happy to live.

I remember in Melbourne, Australia, when I was at the beginning of my career, seeing the GM walking around in a suit every day, leading the business as a leader and I thought to myself, ‘I want to be just like that one day.’ So, I started reading, learning from experts, and studying hard to climb to the top.”

Fulfilling Unmet Market Gaps

We were curious to learn more about the market gaps that Alessandro Venezia focused on fulfilling with his business. So, we asked, “Can you tell us about your current business and what specific need or gap you aimed to address?”

Alessandro Venezia shared, “I am the owner of Venezialand, a top-notch playground for kids in Italy, and also the GM of Belcanto restaurant at Dubai Opera, a well-established, unique Italian venue located on the rooftop of the iconic Dubai Opera.

Our main goal is to provide our guests with the best dining experience possible, with delicious dishes prepared by our esteemed Chef Fabrizio Lusenti and top-notch service from my amazing team. We all work hard every day, towards a common goal, and we’ve already achieved so much with even more to come.

Incorporating Personal Principles

We wanted to understand how Alessandro Venezia merges his values in business operations. So, we asked, “How have your values influenced the way you conduct business?”

Alessandro Venezia shared, “My values play a big role in how I run the business. I prioritize ethical values in my business, promoting the 4 pillars of business ethics- integrity, honesty, fairness, and transparency. As a visionary and positive individual, I constantly aim for self-improvement and trust in the Belcanto brand.

I expect my team to share in this dedication, as every aspect of our business holds importance. Aware of the immense responsibility, I recognize the endless possibilities of running a multimillion-dollar company.”

Learning From Challenges

Challenges are an integral part of every business journey. To learn how Alessandro Venezia overcame the same, we asked, “What has been the most challenging project or period in your career, and what did you learn from it?”

In every business, there are challenges and risks, but it’s important to stay positive and remember that there’s a solution for everything. I continue to learn from the best and aim to make every dollar invested turn into three with a proper strategy in place.” Alessandro Venezia replied.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

We further asked, “How do you integrate new technologies or innovative practices into your business operations?”

Alessandro Venezia added, “In the current era, it is imperative to stay abreast of the advancements in artificial intelligence. Each day presents new opportunities for learning and discovery, essential for optimizing business operations with the latest technology.

Personally, I have delved into the ‘Just in Time’ methodology, a proven technique utilized by industry leaders like Toyota. This approach aims to minimize inventory, reduce holding costs, and enhance inventory turnover. Prioritizing cost efficiency is paramount, as it aids in lowering operational expenses while upholding quality standards, customer satisfaction, and fostering innovation.”

Strategic Planning And Management

We wanted to learn about Alessandro Venezia’s strategic decision-making approach. So, we asked, “Tell us about your strategy, strategic management, how you develop it, and how to avoid risk management?”

Alessandro Venezia shared, “The initial step involves establishing a clear objective to strive for. Following this, a thorough market analysis is conducted to pinpoint areas requiring attention. Subsequently, strategies are defined, budgets are set, and the plan is put into action. Continuous monitoring and control are maintained, utilizing key performance indicators to mitigate risks and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Strategic management is contingent upon the situation at hand, i often use Porter analysis, Ansoff matrix, and Swot analysis. Strategy implementation involves the balanced scorecard approach, focusing on financial, customer, internal, and innovation aspects. Collaboratively with the team, a marketing strategy is devised using the aforementioned techniques and market analysis, particularly emphasizing the SWOT analysis. The strategy is then executed and vigilantly supervised and managed.

Guidance Throughout The Journey

Mentorship plays a crucial role in every business and industry leader’s journey. We asked, “What role has mentorship played in your career, both as a mentor and a mentee?”

Mentorship has played a significant role in my career, both as a mentor and a mentee. I’ve been fortunate to learn from successful business people around the world, which has helped me grow and develop my techniques. While mentors are inspirational, I believe it’s important to have confidence in yourself and your decisions.” Alessandro replied.

Plans We Asked Alessandro Venezia

Eager to learn more about the plans Alessandro Venezia has set for his business, we asked, “Tell us more about your future business plans.”             

Alessandro Venezia responded, “As for my future business plans, I believe that as long as I continue working hard and learning, I will have a bright future ahead. It’s all about having faith in what you do and staying positive.”

Words Of Wisdom For Beginners

Lastly, addressing the beginners in the field, we inquired, “What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting in your industry today?”

Alessandro Venezia concluded, “If I were to give one piece of advice to someone starting in the industry today, it would be to never stop learning, have confidence in yourself, spend quality time and surround yourself with quality people, of course always believe in your dreams.”

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