In a recent announcement, Alpha Nero, a retail design and production company in Dubai, has unveiled a groundbreaking 70-day paid maternity leave policy. This new initiative, effective from February 2024, positions Alpha Nero among local companies offering extended leave and flexible work arrangements to support women in the workplace.

Leadership Perspective and Motivation

Severine Hoss, CFO and COO of Alpha Nero, shared insights into the motivation behind the extended maternity leave, stating, “As a mother of two children, I have chosen to extend maternity leave at Alpha Nero to 70 fully paid days to give women extra time to recover, bond with their babies, and ensure their family’s well-being. We believe that this will be a true game-changer for maternal health and happiness.”

Comparison with UAE Regulations

In the UAE, the mandatory maternity leave is typically 45 calendar days, with federal government employees entitled to 60 days off work. Alpha Nero’s move to provide a longer paid maternity leave aligns with a growing trend among companies in the region to enhance benefits for their female workforce.

Advocacy for Flexible Working Hours

Federal National Council (FNC) member Maryam Majid bin Thaniah’s proposal for flexible working hours for working mothers is highlighted. The proposal suggests a system where mothers could work in the office during the first half of the day and remotely from home in the second half.

Acknowledging the Impact of Women in Business

With women holding key positions, including CFO and COO roles, an all-female accounts department, and the head of logistics, Alpha Nero emphasizes the significant impact women make within the business. CEO Simon Hacker expressed the company’s commitment to championing women in the largely male-dominated industry.

WEP Signatories and Mission for Work-Life Balance

As signatories of the Women Empowerment Principal (WEP), Alpha Nero emphasizes its mission to enhance work-life balance for female employees. The company aims to provide fulfilling careers while allowing enough time for family responsibilities, aiming to prevent the harmful effects of burnout.

Industry Trends and Parent-Friendly Policies

The article touches upon industry trends, citing examples of other UAE companies with parent-friendly policies. Entrepreneurs and business leaders, like Shraddha Barot Amariei of White Label Media and Fine Hygienic Holding, share their commitment to offering extended maternity leave, flexible work options, and additional benefits to support working mothers.

Conclusion: Shaping a Supportive Work Environment

The final section highlights the efforts of various companies in the UAE, such as Tish Tash Communications agency, to provide flexible working hours and arrangements for working mothers. It underscores the commitment of these organizations to create a supportive work environment that acknowledges and accommodates the diverse needs of their employees.

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