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In the present era, every industry is undergoing a massive transformation under the impact of technology; and the hospitality industry is not an exception in this case. With a passion for simplifying and elevating hotel operations globally, iNPLASS offers an innovative and revolutionary solution for this sector. Established by Rafeeque Mohamed, iNPLASS delivers an integrated Guest communications platform, emerging as a revolutionary global leader in this field.

The Advent Of iNPLASS

Leveraging technology in today’s world is a crucial element for uplifting any business. And when it comes to the hospitality industry, technology arises as the key determinant in ensuring a competitive edge. Intending to fill market gaps and unmet requirements of this sector, iNPLASS saw its advent. As the founder, Rafeeque Mohamed shares, “To have seen areas of concern and challenges faced by Hoteliers and to keep up with the ever-changing consumer demands is what has driven me to take it up by myself to provide an answer to all these questions, and the answer is – iNPLASS.

To design an effective solution, the primary aspect is to understand the multifaceted issues in this industry, and iNPLASS did just that.

Breakthrough Products – iNPLASS Solution

With a thorough understanding of how Hotel operations work and with a huge time invested in years of research and surveys with Global hoteliers, iNPLASS has created an innovative technology. The company shares, “Three connected tools for staff coordination, guest communication, and hotel management are combined to form the iNPLASS Hotel Management Solution. This seamless communication platform is designed with three key components – GUEST by iNPLASS and STAFF by iNPLASS serve the respective group while the web-based application HOP by iNPLASS caters to hotel operations and its management.”

With a clear user interface, user-friendly features, and information galore at the user’s fingertips, the apps of iNPLASS are easy to navigate, use, and get the desired result.

A Simple Solution For Hoteliers

To drive operational excellence and uplift guest experience, nothing can beat the role of “must-have” simple approaches. The company shares, “A multi-lingual hybrid application, GUEST by iNPLASS is designed to ease communication barriers by enabling options for the guest to express their requirements in their language. With the features of this application, guests can easily book transportation, receive directions, and leave reviews before check-out, enhancing their personalized experience and overall stay. iNPLASS believes in customization at the heart of a remarkable guest experience which is easily achievable with the right tools for the hotels.”

Language barriers and guest privacy are frequent problems for hotel operations. With their user-friendly application, iNPLASS intends to address these problems, reflecting their guest-centric approach.

Flawless Distribution Of Guest Requests

To stay ahead of the competition in an industry, especially in the hospitality sector, hotels need to prioritize seamless connections between all their departments. Rafeeque Mohamed, the company’s founder shares, “STAFF by iNPLASS is innovation in interdepartmental communications in the hospitality industry. With a flawless distribution of guest requests to the right department and tracking the progress of the requirement, this application applies an escalation matrix to all such assignments and alerts the higher department heads if a request is not completed in the time frame allotted.

This app enables not just tracking, and fixing loopholes but also helps manage and execute guest requests and other inter-department requests with greater efficiency and transparency.”

From chat options with registered staff to department-wise staff access, STAFF by iNPLASS has it all.

A Complete Operational Overview

While there are endless reasons to use iNPLASS technology in hotel management and operations, HOP by iNPLASS is the backbone of the solution, an interactive portal that integrates both guests and hotel staff.

The company shares, “The HOP dashboard provides a 360-degree operational overview for the HOD’s and Management team. They would have access to a holistic visibility of operations at a departmental, service, staff, or guest level and support their day-to-day operations with the required data intelligence.”

Being in the loop here helps the management ensure smooth operation of the hotel and that quality service is delivered to the Hotel Guest on time, every time.” Rafeeque Mohamed shares.

Growth Plans Of iNPLASS

With the rapid evolution of Hospitality technology, the hotel industry worldwide is undergoing a major transformation too. With technology playing a major role in the upcoming changes, the global hotel industry is expected to thrive in 2024, particularly in urban markets where consumers are more passionate about traveling.

We have already launched our Global Growth Centre in India, understanding the huge potential of the promising Global Hospitality market and to fuel our growth strategy.

We have been receiving immense positive interest in Franchisee operations across the globe and have started taking these conversations ahead to solidify our presence in markets like MENA, Europe, CIS, and Asia Pacific regions. The first quarter of 2024 witness our franchisee partnership in 4 countries and we are aiming to grow the operational countries to 15 by the end of 2024. 

The next course of our additions would be to onboard potential Partnership and Affiliate programs with allied industry service providers and we would be looking at joining hands to have a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship for the long term.” – Rafeeque Mohamed added.


iNPLASS is revolutionizing the hospitality industry with advanced digital technologies. With the commitment to delivering excellent customer service and faster responses by utilizing technology, iNPLASS helps hotels streamline operations, increase revenue, manage expenses, and offer customized solutions, ensuring complete guest satisfaction.

Visit iNPLASS at https://www.inplass.com/ to learn more.

iNPLASS linkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/company/inplass 

Email: partner@inplass.com

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