A viral publication alleges that a French PSG player criticized oil extraction in Argentina. It’s fake.

A Facebook post from the past January 2 alleges that Paris Saint-Germain and French international player Kylian Mbappé has criticized oil extraction in Argentina. Everything would have happened after the defeat of the French national team in the 2022 World Cup, which took place in Qatar, against Leonel Messi’s team. “They won us by luck, but I still think that European football is more advanced than South American countries promoting fracking, mining, and pesticides. They want to explore the underwater platform to extract oil. During a press conference, the French player said that all of this is forbidden in Europe. It’s about, however, a false publication.

Based on the publication, there is no evidence to support what is shared. No links, no sources, and no articles. The image is generic and could represent any press conference that Mbappé has given at any point in his football career.

In a search on the French player’s social networks and also in the main newspapers, no results similar to the original publication are found. Still in December, for example, after the end of the game between PSG and Racing de Strasbourg, Mbappé spoke of the fact that he had congratulated Messi. “It was important for him, important for me, but I asked and you have to show maturity and congratulate him”. There was no comment on alleged oil drilling in Argentina. In addition, contrary to what the publication’s image suggests, the French international did not participate in a press conference after the World Cup final in Qatar.

This publication has already been denied by Chequeado, a South American fact-checker, who claimed that this is false information.


There is no record of Kylian Mbappé criticizing the oil extraction techniques allegedly taking place in Argentina. The player did not criticize the country in the wake of the defeat in the 2022 World Cup. In the publication in question, the author does not present any credible source or news that guarantees the veracity of the information shared.

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