Dubai Desert Safaris 2022

The desert surrounding Dubai is a piece of pristine terrain with unspoilt, exquisitely kept old-world beauty. The interesting Emirates’ culture, legacy, and customs are in reality inextricably bound up with this unique region of the nation. A desert safari is the best way to experience the region’s boundless beauty and solitude. Learn everything there is to know about this off-road excursion, which aims to provide a welcome diversion from modern Dubai’s stifling urban congestion.

However, if this is your first time taking a Dubai desert safari, here are a few exhilarating sites that will make your trip one of your most unforgettable adventures ever.

Types Of Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

Who doesn’t adore the dawn? Additionally, they are mystical throughout the Middle East. This is one of the most energising ways to experience the captivating morning vistas of the desert and to have a tonne of fun and adventure (whether a dune-bashing ride, a journey on camelback, a quad-biking session and many more. Take a desert safari at daybreak to observe the light strewn across the vast, rolling sand dunes up close.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris feature everything that is included in the morning safaris plus a delicious barbecue dinner and cultural events including henna, falconry demonstrations, smoking hookah, and traditional Emirati cultural acts (like Arabian belly dancers and tanoura dance performances). Of course, you’ll be taking in the breathtaking desert scenery bathed in the orange, pink, and golden tones of the setting sun while you take it all in.

Overnight Desert Safari

Experience the majesty and glory of Dubai’s desert at night. Participate in a plethora of desert-themed activities, stuff yourself with a delectable supper, catch some traditional entertainment, and take in a soulful stay beneath the canopy of the Arabian desert sky. Most importantly, choosing this choice will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sun setting and rising over the desert.

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Dinner in the Desert

This is the choice for you if you want to enjoy the desert’s unadulterated beauty without participating in any of the terrifying adventure activities that are usually part of a traditional desert safari. In addition to enjoying a sumptuous barbeque dinner in the middle of the desert, you can take part in a flurry of activities that pay homage to the area’s long-standing Bedouin culture and traditions.

Red Dune Safari

Would you like to go on a unique desert safari in Dubai? Take a red dune safari to reach the scorched red dunes of the Lahbab region, which are deep in the desert. It is abounding with unique natural beauty. The entire environment has the impression of a vivid artwork coming to life.

What Does A Conventional Desert Safari Entail?

  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel rides
  • Quad biking and Sandboarding
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Visit a Bedouin Camp
  • Traditional Barbeque Dinner
  • Local Entertainment
  • Camping in the Desert
  • Desert Skiing
  • Air Balloon Ride
  • Desert Sunrise

Finding The Ideal Desert Safari

Be sure to take into account many factors when booking a desert safari, including your spending limit, the inclusions, and the time of day you would like to visit the desert.

If you don’t have much time, choose a morning safari. Returning guests or anyone who likes adventure will benefit most from an evening or overnight desert safari.

Recognize that prices for desert excursions vary. The cost of your safari is mostly determined by the adventurous activities you choose, the vehicle you select, and any extras you choose, such as shared or private transportation to and from the desert.

For your eagerly anticipated trip to the desert, be careful to choose a reliable service provider. My favourite firms for planning affordable and well-executed desert safaris are Rayna Tours and Platinum Heritage Tours.

Best Desert Safari Tips

  • Plan and reserve your safari. Don’t forget to search online for specific discount offers.
  • Ask what is included (and specifically what is excluded) before purchasing a desert safari package.
  • Choose a guided desert safari that includes round-way transport to ensure that you can relax and enjoy the experience.
  • Don loose-fitting, comfy attire. Ensure that you have a shawl or other covering for your shoulders. Put on a hat, some stylish sunglasses, and a pair of comfortable sneakers to round off your ensemble.
  • If you intend to travel during the winter, layer your clothing. The nights can be very cool!
  • If you need both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, check if that is offered at the restaurant.

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Best Time To Visit Dubai

Dubai’s glitz and splendour attract tourists from all over the world like magnets. The best time to visit this well-known site is during the winter season, which lasts from November to April. Even when the earth’s northern hemisphere has a harsh winter, Dubai continues to have bright skies and mild weather. From November to April, the air temperature ranges from 17 to 30 degrees Celsius, providing travellers with a respite from the oppressive heat of the deserts.

Away from the city’s glamour, the Dubai Safari excursion is a journey filled with Arabian adventures and thrills. For those who are eager to dive in, there are numerous chances.

Why Are You Waiting?

It’s time to organise your Dubai desert safari! You can be sure that your getaway will be out of the ordinary and full of memorable experiences thanks to this magnificent trip through the Arabian Desert. Don’t cross off this typical Dubai activity from your list; it will undoubtedly become one of your favourites!

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