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We recently had the privilege of interviewing Andris Urbans, a successful entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker, an experienced business consultant, and an active volunteer in non-governmental organizations.

Through the unique combination of his extensive commercial expertise with his understanding of human psychology, behavior, and astrology, he can identify the most effective solution for any given circumstance and quickly get to the core of the issue. In this interview, Andris Urbans speaks about the shift of his career path from the corporate world to becoming a motivational speaker, and his vision to carry this legacy forward in the days to come.

Genesis Of Becoming A Speaker

We started the interview by asking, “What unexpected twists and turns in your career took you from the world of business to the pedestal of an inspiring motivational speaker?”

Andris shared, “The first stage occurred in 2008 when, within a month and a half, I lost all my businesses due to the banking crisis. It was an extremely challenging time, with global chaos and no available support. Banks were struggling, there were significant issues with orders and customers, and people simply lacked money. No one knew what would happen next, what actions to take, or what to develop.

In 2014, I joined the international charity organization JCI as a volunteer, with my first role being Development Director. This role required me to support, inspire, and contribute to the organization’s growth. I had to speak publicly at least once a week to motivate people. It became clear to me that conducting more public master classes was essential to help individuals navigate crises through my guidance.”

Addressing The Hurdles

Amidst the challenging phases and tight competition, adapting a business to the changing market preferences is crucial. To learn more about this from Andris Urbans, we asked, “How has your consulting firm adapted its strategy to navigate the turbulent waves of today’s business challenges?”

He shared, “At our company, we recognize that the modern business landscape is marked by significant uncertainty and rapid change. To stay at the forefront, we have implemented several key strategies. Firstly, we prioritize flexibility and adaptability, enabling us to swiftly respond to market shifts and evolving customer needs. We actively leverage advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics, to make informed decisions and anticipate trends.

We’ve strengthened our teams by adding industry experts, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions. Our collaborative approach addresses clients’ unique challenges with customized strategies for immediate issues and long-term success.”

Emerging Trends In The Consulting Sector

To gather insights on the emerging market trends in his industry, we asked Andris, “What trends in business consulting do you see currently?”

Several significant trends are currently shaping the business consulting industry. The first is digital transformation. Companies are increasingly recognizing the need to implement digital technologies to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Consulting firms play a crucial role in integrating new technologies and optimizing their use for organizations. The second trend is the focus on sustainable development and social responsibility, as businesses strive to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Consulting companies develop sustainability strategies that assist clients in balancing economic, environmental, and social aspects. The third trend involves the personalization of services, with companies seeking tailored solutions that address their specific needs. Consultants are now focused on creating customized strategies to meet client expectations.” Andris replied.

Moment Of Self-realization

We were intrigued to learn more about Andris Urbans’ discovery when he realized his potential suits best for the consulting sector. So, we asked, “Did you have a ‘moment of truth’ when you realized that your mission was in consulting and not in another field?”

He shared, “As I previously mentioned, in 2008 I faced significant crises. This experience made me realize that many people need support during times of crisis and often lack the resources to find help. This realization became the foundation for my transition into the consulting business. I firmly believe that my mission is to contribute to the development of society, and this commitment has always been, and continues to be, a central part of my professional endeavors.”

We further asked, “How do you identify ‘moment X’ when you need to make a strategic change in your consulting practice?”

We continuously monitor the market and its trends, assessing what works and what does not during specific periods. In our consulting activities, we adhere to a well-structured plan and closely monitor our adherence to it. When significant deviations occur, we analyze the causes and make fundamental decisions to change or adjust our strategy.

We introduce new strategies that are better suited for achieving our stated goals. In essence, this approach involves sticking to a plan and regularly tracking our progress against the established objectives.” Andris added.

Standing Apart In This Field

Eager to understand the factors that make Andris’ services special and different from the competition, we inquired, “What makes your consulting services unique, especially given your use of psychology and astrology?”

Andris responded, “The uniqueness of using the arithmology system in consultations lies in its ability to unlock an individual’s potential, thereby enhancing their effectiveness. This system enhances team productivity by uncovering hidden talents and weaknesses of potential employees and business partners. It dispels illusions and focuses on genuine capabilities. It also aligns expectations with individuals’ true abilities, improving communication and preventing conflicts by understanding a person’s psychotype and recognizing their behavior as normal for them.

Businesses benefit from this system by forming highly effective teams with increased productivity. Quantitatively, company profits can rise by at least 20% due to enhanced team efficiency. For instance, a task typically requiring 50 people was completed by my team of five within the same timeframe. This efficiency translates into substantial savings on wages and taxes, especially with an average salary of $1,500 and a nine-month job completion period.”

Role Of Technology In Reshaping Services

The significant impact of technology on the performance of any business cannot be denied. So, we asked, “How can technology become your true ally in unlocking the mysteries of human behavior and improving the quality of your counseling?”

In general, we aim to systematize and automate all our expertise, leveraging modern technologies in the process. This enables us to efficiently process vast amounts of data and base our decisions, including strategic ones, on statistical analysis. Consequently, our strategies are not only highly effective but also aligned with contemporary trends.” He replied.

Flourishing Amidst Uncertainties

We ended the interview by asking, “What strategies are you implementing to ensure your consulting company not only survives but thrives in the uncertain world of the future?”

Andris concluded, “To stay current, we regularly attend various industry events, including conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. This not only allows us to obtain the latest information but also to establish valuable business contacts. Active interaction with professionals and market leaders enables us to exchange experiences and best practices, fostering our continuous development.

We prioritize monitoring trends and tendencies, using internal and external resources. Our goal is to automate processes, including data processing. Statistical analysis is a crucial tool that enables us to predict market trends, evaluate strategy effectiveness, and make real-time adjustments.”

Andris Urbans: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and website.

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