UAE's New Visa Rrules

UAE new visa rules 2022

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), announced the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Advanced Visa System last month, will be put in place it starting on Monday (October 3).

The updated visa system aims to “improve the quality of life and make the experience of living, working, and investing in the UAE a pleasant and happy one,”

According to Major General Sultan Yousef Al Nuaimi, the Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, as quoted by Gulf News. This includes easing burdens on foreigners and streamlining visa procedures.

What are the new regulations, and how will they affect travellers, and people looking to work or live in the UAE?

A visa is a recognized identification card that permits the holder to enter a foreign nation.

Visitors will now be able to enter and remain in the UAE for 60 days thanks to tourist visas, an extension from the previous 30 days.

Also, a sponsor or host will not be necessary for the work exploration visa, which aims to make it simple for talented professionals to find employment in the UAE.

What are the Key Changes?

The country’s immigration and residency laws will be changed by the new visa regulations, which were approved by the UAE Cabinet in April.

Changes will be:

  • to the length of tourist visas.
  • the period of professional residency under the Green Visa,
  • and the 10-year Golden Visa programme.

There are three types of visas: Entry, Green, and Golden.

  • The UAE has for the first time made entrance visas available without the need for a host or sponsor. In contrast to the former 30-day limit, entry visas or tourist visas are now available for single or many entries and are good for 60 days.
  • A type of renewable residency visa known as the “Green Visa”. Which enables visitors to sponsor themselves for five years without the help of a UAE national or an employer. It takes the place of the earlier, residence permit.
  • The Golden Visa grants its recipients long-term, renewable residence permits valid for up to ten years.

Investors, business owners, people with remarkable talents, such as researchers, doctors, and professionals in the scientific and knowledge industries.

As well as deserving undergraduate and graduate students, are all eligible for the Golden visa.

Professionals with a least monthly salary of AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) 30,000 are eligible for long-term residency. When investing in a property valued at least AED two million, investors can also get a visa.

In what ways would Indians benefit?

About 3.5 million Indian expatriates make up about 30% of the UAE’s total population.

The country’s standing as a top investment and employment destination. It would be further strengthened by restructuring its admission and residency procedures.

With the streamlined visa system, visitors can now enjoy a hassle-free vacation, while thousands of skilled professionals are foreseen to find jobs in the UAE.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced new visa regulations to draw visitors as well as people looking to work or live there.

The new visa system aims to raise living standards and make it more enjoyable to live, work, and invest in the United Arab Emirates.

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