5G Speeds

In a recent update from the UAE Digital Economy Council, the adoption rate of the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) in the UAE reached 50.7% in January 2024. Simultaneously, mobile network coverage maintained an impressive 100%.

Global Leadership in 5G Speeds

UAE Tops Global Charts for 5G Speeds

The UAE continues to lead globally in fifth-generation network speeds, holding the first position for Internet exchange traffic in the Middle East. Notably, the country claimed the title of the fastest 5G market globally in Q2 2023, boasting a median download speed of 557.63 Mbps. Etisalat by e& outpaced as the fastest 5G operator globally with a remarkable median download speed of 680.73 Mbps.

Digital Transformation Milestones

Surge in Digital Signatures and Blockchain Implementation

Digital transformation in the UAE witnessed a surge in the adoption of digital signatures, marking a significant 216% increase in 2023. Blockchain technology found application in collaborations involving nine banks, six exchange houses, and three insurance companies.

Strategic Vision for Digital Economy

Proactive Approach to Pioneering Digital Economy

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, highlighted the UAE government’s proactive approach. This approach involves designing visions, setting goals, and implementing initiatives to establish a pioneering digital economy. Al Olama emphasized the government’s commitment to shaping the digital future and enhancing global competitiveness across various sectors.

Council Initiatives and Progress Updates

Advancing Digital Economy Objectives

The meeting of the UAE Council for Digital Economy, held at the Securities and Commodities Authority in Dubai, covered updates on strategic initiatives. These initiatives support the UAE’s digital economy objectives, encompassing infrastructure, digital transactions, e-commerce, financial technologies, investment stimulation in digital sectors, skill development, SME support, and comprehensive annual reporting on the digital economy.

Innovative Digital Services

Enhancing Federal Network Capabilities

The council explored digital services within the federal network, introducing features such as voice-to-text and text-to-voice conversion, translation, emotion analysis, key phrase extraction, language analysis, and access to high-performance computing resources for machine learning and deep learning applications.

Comprehensive Discussions on Digital Landscape

Government Policies, Cloud Computing, and Network Indicators

Discussions extended to various topics, including government service level policies, data center distribution, cloud computing deployment in Gulf countries, UAE-based cloud computing companies, and the latest indicators on the Internet network’s performance and coverage of the fifth-generation network in the country.

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