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A recent survey conducted by Khaleej Times shed light on the prevailing sentiment among UAE residents regarding customer service chatbots. The poll revealed that a significant 90% of respondents prefer dealing with human customer service agents over automated chatbots for issue resolution.

Mixed Opinions on Chatbot Effectiveness

In response to the survey question, “Chatbots are replacing humans across UAE customer service centres. Are they effective?” 217 participants acknowledged the efficiency of chatbots, citing their quick and task-oriented nature. However, a striking majority of over 2,100 individuals expressed disappointment, asserting that chatbots are “hopeless” and expressing a strong desire to communicate with a human representative.

Consistent Findings in Recent Report

This online survey aligns with a report published earlier this month, indicating that 90% of UAE residents prefer the human touch in customer service interactions, favoring human customer service executives over chatbots or generative AI.

Chatbot Limitations and User Experiences

Residents shared experiences illustrating the limitations of chatbots in addressing complex queries. James Angeles, a long-time Dubai resident, emphasized the frustration of engaging in circular conversations with chatbots due to their inability to discern nuanced requests.

Expert Insights on Chatbot Quality

Customer service expert Mark Hamill, CEO of Arcet Global, pointed out the crucial role of technology quality and proper deployment. He emphasized the necessity of keeping a human option available and suggested starting with simple use cases for successful chatbot implementations.

Technology Advancements and Future Expectations

Acknowledging technological advancements with large language models like ChatGPT and Google’s AI, Gemini, Hamill stressed the importance of a solid foundation in accurate knowledge and understanding customer needs.

Beyond Chatbots: WhatsApp Preferences

Another survey by e-commerce company Zbooni revealed that 85% of UAE customers prefer businesses to offer customer support through WhatsApp for straightforward tasks and repetitive inquiries. While automation has its place, the survey indicated a preference for the empathy and personalization provided by human interaction.

Caution Against Cheap Solutions

Hamill cautioned companies against opting for cheap chatbot solutions and encouraged the selection of well-integrated options linked to the company’s actual system to maintain brand consistency.

Optimism for Future Implementations

Despite the current dissatisfaction with chatbots, Hamill expressed optimism about potential improvements. Anticipating fantastic bot implementations in the UAE, he suggested that survey results might see a reversal in the coming year with more successful and user-friendly implementations.

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