Unique Approach In Stock Trading Space With Mazel Capital Group: Samuel Zekri

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Samuel Zekri, Founder of Mazel Capital Group. With a passion and love for trading and being attracted to the financial world, Samuel Zekri joined this space at a young age with day trading.

Eventually, Samuel started gaining interest in the Real Estate market as well. Although he primarily works single-handedly shaping Mazel Capital Group, Samuel Zekri is always open to connecting with the best people who can open more doors and volume and increase opportunities. In this insightful interview, Samuel Zekri shares his career journey, challenges, changing priorities, and services while offering invaluable suggestions for aspiring professionals.

Beginnings First

We started the interview by asking, “Could you start by telling us about your career path?”

Samuel shared, “I started at a very young age, mainly with stock trading and some entrepreneurial affairs like buying and selling items, including iPhone cases, electronics, scooters, etc. I started during my school days because I always wanted to make my own money. Most schools teaching me were meant for leisure and general culture more than mandatory knowledge. So, at the age of 14, I started to start trading stocks, mainly day trading. It was on my mother’s account because I was under the legal age to trade.

Eventually, things escalated well; I traded more growing accounts and diversified my trading to holding more short-term and day trading. I soon became interested in real estate, for which I am thankful for the Internet. But this interest only took action once I had a bulk of money and could try it myself. In 2017, when I was 21, I bought the first property in Madrid through the government auction portal, assisted by a lawyer.”

Spark Behind The Idea

We were intrigued to learn what influenced Samuel Zekri to venture into this industry. So, we asked, “What inspired you to develop the idea of your company?”

He replied, “Stock trading is not a company, but I got inspired by following YouTube, mainly by a person called Meir Barak. He used to show his simple and repeated trade patterns, and I started following the same, and surprisingly, it worked. Wall Street movies also inspired me; the finance world has always attracted me quite heavily. Not only the money but the lifestyle, the stress around it, the connections, everything inspired me a lot.

Grant Cardone also inspired me for the real estate and sales part. He is one of the most excellent salespeople in the world and one of the best inspirational characters. His attitude towards grinding and hustling and never being negative fascinates me. However, his approach to Real estate is entirely different from what I am doing now because I was more interested in the quick cash, the quick flip, and the quick fix in Real estate.”

Evolving Priorities

To learn more about how Samuel Zekri’s professional priorities have transformed over these years, we asked, “How have your priorities in business evolved since you first started?”

Samuel responds, “I started with wanting the quick cash and trying to scratch as much as possible in the fastest way. But now I am looking for more of a preserved form of finding the right opportunity and the best way to negotiate it, for example, financing it or bringing some investors on board.

So, I am looking forward to sharing it with the best people who can open more doors and volume and do more deals. Because the value is in the book of sales, we do and the people we get to meet and do business with along the way.”

Adaptability Amidst Challenges

Challenging phases are an inevitable part of any business journey. We asked, “What are the most challenging situations your company overcomes?”

Trusting entities has always been challenging because everybody comes to you with deals. Everybody comes to you with a secret advantage, which ends up being nothing and a waste of time. So, filtering the people and the deals, I would say, is always a challenging task.” Samuel replied.

We asked, “What’s the key strength to overcome it?”

He continued, ”You need to become good at judging people and not believing what’s too good to be true or having a way to detect it quite fast.

Setting Mazel Capital Apart

Offering unique services is essential for standing as a strong brand in the market. So, we asked, “What makes your company stand out from other businesses in your industry?”

Samuel shared, “We find great margin deals, and we can overcome all the challenges that big corporations may not be able to do or go through. So, we end up doing the deal. We have multiple options on the table when it comes to acquiring the deal funding. For instance, big corporations only have one way, so we end up doing the deal the way the seller wants in the timeline, and we can do pretty much anything we want.”

Measuring Success

“What KPIs do you use to measure your business growth?”

He replied, “Acquired volumes and money in the bank is the only way to measure for me.”

A Glimpse Into Mazel’s Services

To learn more about the services offered by Samuel Zekri’s business, we asked, “Tell us something about your services. What are you working on currently?”

Samuel shared, “I am trading stocks quite heavily for me and some friend investors. We are a prominent building in the south of Spain that was illegally occupied, and we emptied it. So, we bought and emptied the building, and now we are renovating to sell and flip it.”

Effective Teamwork

Having the right team is paramount to ensure sustainable success. So, we asked, “How do you build trust with your employees and boost productivity without causing burnout?”

I don’t have any employees; I only collaborate with people. I don’t want employees, as my experience with my family business and other experiences I can have are very difficult to handle. If you don’t have the right ones, you lose a lot of time finding and firing the wrong ones.” Samuel replied.

Words Of Wisdom

We ended the interview by asking, “What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs?”

Start. Stop overthinking, and take action, as success or failure doesn’t matter; there is a long journey ahead of you, so start and learn.

Nothing is impossible. Everything can turn around quickly in the bad and the excellent way, so try to do it in the good way. Always find a unique approach. People are bored of seeing repeated sales speeches and presentations. Try to stand out amidst the competition.” Samuel concluded.

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