Jumeirah Garden City

Dubai, UAE – Nestled within the heart of Dubai, Jumeirah Garden City, once known as Al Satwa, emerges as a unique enclave that combines tranquil living with urban convenience. This community, superbly located adjacent to the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, stands out as an oasis of calm, a short walk from the world-renowned Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the thriving new business district Business Bay, and overlooking the one and only Burj Khalifa.

A Unique Blend of Solitude and Sophistication

Jumeirah Garden City is a testament to Dubai’s unique, complex, vibrant community mix. Any plot that is to be acquired in the vicinity of these four communities would literally break the bank, with plots in these mentioned areas starting from 100 million all the way up to 400 million. However, this unique scenario has a unique set of circumstances that created this special opportunity: affordable plots at original prices and a smaller built-up area, making it a perfect combination for the SME developer.

Unlike its high-rise neighbors, it proudly boasts low-rise, low-density buildings. This thoughtful design provides residents with a cozy and quiet lifestyle, a rarity in the midst of super high skyscrapers in the fast-paced city. The community is interspersed with several strategically located parks, offering serene green spaces that are perfect for relaxation and family activities.

The Unseen Jewel in Real Estate

Launched by  Meraas the master developer seven years ago, Jumeirah Garden City initially offered plots for development under a unique condition – each plot had only one title deed for a ground plus 2 podiums plus 8 floors, with an average gross floor area of 45,000 square feet. This meant that buildings could only be rented for yields or sold as a single entity. As a result, the plot prices remained stable, and individual units were not available on the market, keeping this gem hidden from the public eye.

A Turning Point in Market Dynamics

Recently, a significant change has stirred the waters of Jumeirah Garden City’s real estate market. Meraas, the master developer, now allows landowners to convert single title deeds into multiple title deeds for buildings. This policy shift is creating a buzz in the community, evident from a recent development where a developer had a staggering 90% of a 100-unit inventory was sold in less than a week for an unanticipated price per square foot.

The high rental value in the community further underscores its allure. For instance, a two-bedroom apartment in Eden House commands an annual rent of 400,000 AED, with 100% occupancy rate, reflecting the high demand and exclusivity of the area.

Conclusion: A Flourishing Future

The transformation in Jumeirah Garden City is not just about real estate; it’s about crafting a lifestyle. As the community opens up to more investors and residents, it’s poised to become a coveted destination for those seeking a blend of peaceful living and urban accessibility. With smaller, more intimate buildings and a growing interest among buyers and renters alike, Jumeirah Garden City is rapidly shedding its ‘hidden’ status, emerging as a shining beacon in Dubai’s real estate landscape.

About the Author

Hamzah Abu Zannad is an industry expert, co-founder, and managing director at Axiom Prime Real Estate Development. With over 20 years of experience in Dubai’s dynamic real estate market, Hamzah has been at the forefront of transforming urban living through innovative, community-centric projects. His leadership at Axiom Prime Real Estate Development has been instrumental in bringing a touch of Dutch-inspired coziness to Dubai, seamlessly blending luxury with a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Under Hamzah’s guidance, the company has launched several groundbreaking projects, including those in Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Garden City. Committed to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Hamzah continues to drive Axiom Prime Real Estate Development towards a future where high-quality, sustainable living spaces foster a sense of belonging and community. His vision and dedication have positioned Axiom Prime Real Estate Development as a leader in Dubai’s competitive real estate landscape.

For more information, visit https://axiomprime.ae/

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