Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the flagship carrier of the UAE, is gearing up for an extended summer schedule, introducing flights to two new destinations: Antalya, Turkey (three weekly flights from June 15), and Jaipur, India (four weekly flights from June 16). This strategic expansion not only reinforces Abu Dhabi’s position as a key global travel hub but also enhances passenger connectivity and travel options.

Increased Frequencies to Key Destinations

In line with its commitment to providing passengers with more choices, Etihad Airways is ramping up frequencies to key destinations. Notable additions include enhanced services to Thiruvananthapuram (10 weekly flights), Amman (14 weekly flights), Cairo (24 weekly flights), Karachi (17 weekly flights), and Colombo (20 weekly flights).

Venturing into New Territories

Etihad Airways is not only strengthening existing routes but is also venturing into new territories with flights to Antalya, Turkey (3 weekly flights), and Jaipur, India (4 weekly flights). This expansion boosts the airline’s comprehensive network to 75 destinations, with a significant focus on Indian gateways, now numbering 11.

Commitment to Passenger Experience

Passengers will reap the benefits of top-notch amenities and customer-focused services at the recently inaugurated Terminal A at Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways, with its continuous efforts to prioritize passenger satisfaction, aims to offer an extensive network and world-class services to elevate the overall travel experience.

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