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Air India Express, a budget carrier servicing UAE-India flights, has unveiled Xpress Lite fares, offering reduced prices for travelers opting out of check-in baggage. As a subsidiary of Air India and part of the Tata group, the airline brings forth the Xpress Check-In feature, allowing passengers to bypass queues and baggage belts for a seamless experience.

Complimentary Cabin Baggage Allowance and Flexible Options

The Xpress Lite package includes a complimentary +3 kg cabin baggage allowance, coupled with discounted pre-booked prices for +15 kg and +20 kg check-in baggage allowances. This unique offering ensures maximum flexibility and convenience for guests booking on Xpress Lite fares, and it is applicable to India-UAE routes as well.

Robust Flight Network and Connectivity

Operating over 340 flights daily and connecting 31 domestic and 14 international airports, Air India Express plays a crucial role in facilitating travel. With 195 weekly flights between India and the UAE, including key destinations like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain, the airline strengthens its presence in the Gulf region, running a total of 308 flights a week.

Strategic Plans for Expansion and Connectivity

Aloke Singh, managing director of Air India Express, shared insights in an earlier interview, highlighting the airline’s strategic plans. These include increasing capacity to the Gulf region, especially the UAE, and improving connectivity for Gulf travelers in various Tier 2 and 3 cities across India.

Additional Cabin Baggage and Discounted Check-in Options

Passengers opting for Xpress Lite fares not only enjoy the standard cabin baggage allowance of 7 kgs but can also pre-book an additional 3 kg cabin baggage complimentary during the booking process. Furthermore, they have the convenience of pre-booking additional ‘check-in baggage’ allowances at significantly discounted rates for 15 kg and 20 kg excess baggage slabs. These services are easily accessible through the airline’s website or mobile app.

Redefining Convenience and Value in Air Travel

Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer of Air India Express, emphasized the potential of Xpress Lite Fares to redefine convenience in air travel while delivering exceptional value. The airline aims to provide passengers with an enriched and cost-effective flying experience through these innovative offerings.

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