Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it within themselves.

We Inspire, Ignite & Inflict, and Innovate…


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

We fear that we are powerful beyond (y)our measure.

Our light (Strength), not our darkness(weakness), frightens us.



We doubt ourselves. Am I brilliant, gifted, talented, fabulous, optimistic?’

Who you aren’t to be…. skillful, blessed, prosperous.

(Y)our playing small does not serve the world. It shrinks down the opportunities.

But We are all meant to shine.

We were born to make manifest our glory from within.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

We need to look into ourselves rather than look at the outside world.

The workshop from within emits whatever we ask for.

It ignites the indomitable spirit and positive energy that causes the transformation.

It illuminates the light from within to carry the beam above and beyond.

With the illumination of light, we become enlightened with knowledge.

We get liberated from ourselves, our fears and our doubts.

We develop faith, focus and dedication.

We start walking those extra miles of hardship

With the belief that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

But the journey is only sometimes smooth.

The road to success is not straight,

There is always a curb called failure and a loop called Confusion;

But if you have a spare called Determination and an engine called Perseverance;

With protected insurance called Faith, driven by a driver called almighty,

We will make it to destiny, a place called Success!

This is the quintessence of the Positive Success Formula derived and achieved by each one of us.

But this success formula is infectious; it doesn’t stop with once or one person;

Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it within themselves;

They Inspire, Ignite & Inflict and Innovate

To Enlighten, Empower, Exemplify & Evolve their society.

And their success saga continues ……….

Let us celebrate Womanhood today and always. ……………………        

A Dedication by Dr Srividhya Sukumar“Celebrating Women Womanhood”.                                                                      

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