Ajman Factory

In the aftermath of a harrowing chemical factory fire that unfolded in Ajman on February 24, nine Pakistani individuals find themselves hospitalized across various medical facilities in the UAE. A dedicated delegation from the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai, spearheaded by Community Welfare Attaché Imran Shahid, undertook visits to Zayed Hospital, Kuwaiti Hospital, and Al Qassimi Hospital to closely monitor the condition and treatment progression of the injured victims.

Missing Individual and Ongoing Investigations

Tragically, amidst the chaos, a resident of Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, named Akbar, is reported missing. The consulate disclosed that forensic analysis and DNA tests are presently underway on a recovered burnt body found at the incident site, raising fears that it might be that of Mr. Akbar.

Factory Fire Origins and Embassy Reports

The blaze originated late Saturday at a factory specializing in the production of chemical products used in the manufacturing of sanitizers and perfumes, as detailed by the official communication from the Pakistani embassy in the UAE.

Treatment Updates and Critical Considerations

At Zayed Hospital in Sharjah, doctors treating Ijaz from Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh, shared positive updates. Ijaz, who suffered 65% burns, has shown improvement and has been successfully taken off the ventilator. Discussions are in progress regarding the potential transfer of Ijaz to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) Hospital in Abu Dhabi for more specialized care.

Critical Patients on Ventilator Support

The situation remains critical for Shahid and Zahoor, both hailing from Shaheed Benazirabad. With 55% and 35% burn injuries, respectively, both individuals are currently under intensive care at Al Kuwaiti Hospital in Sharjah and are relying on ventilator support for survival.

Contemplated Hospital Transfer for Enhanced Treatment

Meanwhile, Sikandar, receiving treatment at Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah, has sustained 60% burn injuries and is currently dependent on a ventilator. Medical professionals are contemplating the prospect of transferring Sikandar to SSMC Hospital in Abu Dhabi for more specialized care.

Consulate’s Gratitude and Ongoing Commitment

Expressing gratitude to the medical staff for their tireless efforts, the consulate team pledged unwavering support to the affected individuals and their families. Consul General Hussain Muhammad, during the visit, emphasized the ongoing commitment to ensuring the victims receive the necessary and best possible assistance as they navigate the challenges posed by this unfortunate incident. The consulate acknowledges the duty-bound responsibility to oversee the ongoing treatment in the intensive care units of the respective hospitals, reiterating their commitment to aiding the victims of this tragic event.

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