“I was complaining that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet”………

What separates privilege from entitlement is “Gratitude”………..

This story is “Life in a nutshell”.

Water in this story represents the *Good things in Life*. Something that brings a *Smile to One*. It can be intangible knowledge, money, love, family, friendship, happiness, respect, fame, power or any other thing that we value.

The water pump represents the “Mechanism of Karma”, which is believed as, “As you sow, you, reap” & “What goes around, comes around”. Though, it is often said, “We get what we give”, “Faith” plays an important role in “Selfless giving”.

The man did not know if his action would be rewarded, but he proceeded regardless. He made a Leap of Faith testing his Karma, with the open mind to accept, whatever it is.

The “idealisation of Life and its quintessence”, is when he filled the bottle before he left. He filled the bottle for another unknown traveler, who might use it, as destiny comes. That is when his goodwill was counted. That shows his selflessness of being in gratitude for that moment of life, which saved him from his thirst.

Gratitude lives in that moment. It helps us tune into the now so that, we can fully participate in being alive. The real gift of gratitude is being more grateful to the more present than you become. That happens only when we are “Blessed”.

“Being in Gratitude” is definitely “A Virtue, A Blessing”

Gratitude stems from an abundant mindset. A scarcity mindset prevents us from seeing the blessings. Being in gratitude, opens our eyes to the truth, that in this moment we have everything we need and we have to be “just thankful” for this precious moment. It helps us to realize and move from “I deserve this” to “How fortunate I am”, and guides us to appreciate “Life as a true Blessing”.

When we are always looking forward to the next accomplishment, we often miss to thank those joyful moments that made our life, a beautiful and wondrous experience. Being in gratitude, helps us to be grateful to others, inturn nurture our connections that deepen our bonds with the feeling of “Being from within”.

Looking at the world with a grateful heart opens all possibilities and connects us to the world. Practicing gratitude helps us feel happier and healthier. From an early age our parents have taught us to “Say Thank You” to instill in us, the culture of being grateful, being genuine and being faithful to our relations.

So, as we acknowledge our appreciation for life, we radiate the feeling of being right and being positive towards life. Our sense of gratitude not only inspire those around us but would create ripple effect of “Well done is better than Well said.”

Eventually, the sense of gratitude offers each day as a new beginning. No matter what happened yesterday, we have the choice to begin each day with cheering outlook. Being thankful, not only begins our day with a sense of positivity, but also a great way to end our day as true blessing.

“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and try any of this thanksgiving for another day of loving”. “Be Blessed” …

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