Julia Yupiterskaya, The CMO of Slavi & A Professional Marketer

Julia Yupiterskaya is an inspirational and ambitious businesswoman. She is well-experienced when we talk about Crypto and NFT projects. In addition, Julia is currently the CMO of Slavi, the first all-in-one Super DApp that includes built-in cross-chain and Layer 2 solutions. 

“My name is Julia Yupiterskaya, and I am the Chief Marketing Officer. I have been working in the field of PR and marketing for more than 10 years, and for the last 2 years, cryptocurrency and the digital world have taken a solid place in my life. I have over 300 projects in my experience, some of which cost over $10 million. These companies are related to development, applications, exchanges, etc. I am currently working for a large company Slavi.io in Dubai that deals with The first cross-chain decentralized SuperDApp with 30+ blockchains & one-click access to Web 3.0, PlayToEarn, and NFT services.” Julia stated during the start of our interview. 

The Idea Behind Slavi

Our first question to Julia was, “What’s the idea behind your company?”

“SuperDApp – Super Decentralized Application. Our application has a whole ecosystem that combines several functions you can use at once. In addition to the wallet, we have an NFT platform, a built-in exchange, and much more. Our team daily improves our project and releases new services at a breakneck pace. In such a short period of operation, we have already established support for blockchain protocols such as Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and others. In total, we plan to integrate more than 30 blockchain protocols into one interface. We increase the capabilities of the Slavi DApp several times a month. We recently launched the Rich Teddy Club. We are finishing work on the NFT marketplace and much more.” She says. 

How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?

Julia Yupiterskaya 

Julia replies, “Oh, this is a very interesting story! A long time ago, when I was at school, I saw an advertisement for Philip Maurice cigarettes. I liked it so much that I also wanted to create advertisements and come up with different scenarios, but a year later, I switched to other things because I had to prepare for exams. And in my first year at the institute in my hometown, I accidentally found a company on the Internet that needed an assistant for a marketer. I needed practice. It turned out that the assistant was needed just in the company of Philip Maurice. This is a really sure thing, but dreams do come true! It was there that I began to grow in this field. My main advice: never stop and believe that even the most impossible is possible if you want it!”

The Ideal Goals & Team Success

During our interview with Julia, we were also interested in getting to know more about the company for which she works. That’s why we asked her, “What’s the goal of the company where you are working now?”

“Our company has many goals, one of which is to show the world a practical and convenient crypto wallet with great opportunities for users, to create a metauniverse in which everyone will be interested, and to develop the marketplace that we already have. My main goal as a marketing director is to come up with a development system and move, move, move!” says Julia.

What makes the team successful, in your opinion?

According to her, “Motivation is the main tool in making the team successful. But Motivation is not only about money. It is also internal development, joint team building, and the atmosphere inside.”

During our discussion on the importance of employees’ energy levels for business success, Julia said, In any company, the level of energy is important. If someone from the team is a little less motivated and feels imbalanced, then the whole work starts to go slower. Cause we are connected like cogs in a large system.”

How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?

Julia in Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

“Sometimes I can’t motivate myself either, but I have a secret weapon, and I pull myself together. As for my team, firstly, I always talk about their fruits of work and what effect it has brought. Secondly, I find out from everyone what motivates them and give them this. Thirdly, no one else has extra days of rest for good work that did not cancel.” Julia replied. 

Tackling Challenges And Focus Towards Technology

Apart from teamwork and goals, several other aspects keep a business person and company growth. To get a deeper understanding, we asked Julia some more questions.

We asked, “What keeps your company moving forward even during challenges?”

According to her, “Faith in the quality and coolness of our product!”

How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping your company grow?

Undoubtedly, any changes in technology lead to changes in the business. Either people understand this, or they leave the game.” Replies Julia. 

Julia is a professional in the field of marketing with exceptional expertise in the crypto industry. But how do these two fields combine? To understand this, we asked her, “How does marketing help in a crypto company?”

Julia answers, “If there is no marketing, then only friends and acquaintances will know about the company. Marketing helps increase the company’s awareness and make it unique in its kind, or vice versa. Everything depends on the marketing team and is usually not small.”

We also wanted to know how the company she works for adapts to digitalization. So, we asked Julia, “How is your company adapting to digitalization?”

She said, “Our company sets trends for digitalization somewhere, and we do not need to adapt.”

Lastly, we asked if she uses innovative ideas to be unique, to which she replied, 

Yes, look at the company’s website, and you will see that every walk there is unique and interesting.”

Connect with Julia Yupiterskaya on LinkedIn

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