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Real Estate Listings In a significant move towards fostering transparency in the real estate sector, the Dubai Land Department has issued a directive to real estate agents, urging them to promptly remove all properties that are no longer available for sale or rent from their digital platforms. The department’s stern approach, coupled with a stringent three-day deadline for compliance, underscores a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the real estate market amid concerns related to misleading advertisements and the proliferation of fake property listings.

Addressing a Digital Dilemma

The Dubai Land Department, in its latest initiative, is targeting the removal of inactive property listings that persist on digital platforms. Following scheduled inspections of electronic real estate portals, authorities identified instances where properties, no longer on the market, were still being presented to prospective buyers or renters. The move aims to address this digital dilemma, ensuring that consumers are provided accurate and up-to-date information.

Navigating the Poll Findings

Recent reports from the Khaleej Times highlighted the impact of misleading practices in the real estate sector. A poll with over 2,800 responses revealed that 21.5% of participants fell victim to enticing ads featuring houses either unavailable or already occupied. Additionally, 32.4% reported instances where agents used deceptive photos, portraying properties more attractively than the stark reality. The three-day ultimatum serves as a proactive measure to combat these issues and protect consumers from falling prey to misleading advertisements.

Regulatory Crackdown on Non-Compliance

In a parallel effort to uphold transparency, Dubai’s regulatory authority levied fines of Dh50,000 on 30 real estate firms found in violation of specified terms and conditions in their advertisements. This regulatory crackdown underscores the authorities’ commitment to maintaining market integrity, especially in light of the unprecedented growth witnessed in the post-pandemic real estate sector. The fines are intended not just as punitive measures but as a deterrent to ensure adherence to ethical standards in property advertising.

Flourishing Online Platforms and Market Dynamics

Dubai’s real estate landscape is characterized by an array of online platforms facilitating property transactions. Notable platforms such as Dubizzle, Property Finder, Bayut, Asteco, and Allsopp & Allsopp play a pivotal role in connecting buyers and sellers. The authorities recognize the significance of these platforms in the evolving market dynamics, and the three-day ultimatum is a proactive step to align these platforms with the imperative of maintaining accuracy and transparency.

Reflecting on a Resilient Market

Despite global uncertainties, Dubai’s real estate market showcased resilience in 2023. The emirate recorded a remarkable 1.6 million real estate deals across various market segments, marking a nearly 17% increase from the previous year. The total value of these transactions reached an impressive Dh634 billion, underscoring Dubai’s status as a vibrant and sought-after real estate destination. With approximately 71,000 new investors entering the market in 2023, the authorities are keen on sustaining this growth while ensuring a transparent and trustworthy real estate ecosystem.

Proactive Measures for Compliance

To ensure compliance with the directive, the Dubai Land Department has called upon all property brokerages and portals to submit evidence of the removal of inactive properties to This proactive approach not only holds real estate agents accountable but also reinforces a collaborative effort between regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders in fostering a real estate environment that prioritizes accuracy, transparency, and consumer trust.

Conclusion: Nurturing Transparency for Sustainable Growth

Dubai’s three-day ultimatum for the removal of inactive property listings stands as a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to nurture transparency in the real estate sector. As the market continues to evolve, the authorities are proactively addressing digital challenges, cracking down on non-compliance, and promoting ethical practices. This multi-faceted approach aims to not only protect consumers but also to ensure the sustained growth and resilience of Dubai’s real estate market in the face of evolving dynamics.

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