Seize 880 Grams Of Heroin

Dubai Customs recently made a significant discovery, uncovering 880 grams of pure heroin that were cleverly concealed by an Asian traveler. The illicit substance was found hidden in various locations, including the poles of the traveler’s suitcase, inside a laptop, and even within the soles of their shoes.

The diligent inspectors stationed at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport initiated a search of the passenger based on their suspicions. This thorough investigation ultimately led to the uncovering of seven meticulously concealed packages, each containing heroin, cleverly stowed away within different compartments of the traveler’s luggage.

According to Ibrahim al-Kamali, the Director of the Passenger Operations Department, the recent confiscation serves as strong evidence of the department’s commitment to investing in ongoing training and development of their inspectors. This, coupled with the use of cutting-edge technology, has proven instrumental in their success.

Al-Kamali commended the crucial role played by customs officers in foiling numerous smuggling attempts. He emphasized that Dubai Customs remains vigilant against any endeavors seeking illicit and immediate profits, as such activities not only endanger the well-being of individuals within society but also pose a threat to the interests of companies and the national economy.

He further stated that Dubai Customs maintains a constant state of vigilance by providing specialized training and conducting awareness workshops for customs officers. These initiatives form an integral part of their continuous endeavors to combat drug trafficking.

These comprehensive programs cover a wide range of crucial topics, including the identification of various types of drugs, methods employed for smuggling, effective monitoring and detection techniques in the field, recognition of forged and counterfeit items, enhancement of security awareness, handling hazardous materials, and the mastery of search techniques for both individuals and luggage. By equipping customs officers with these essential skills, Dubai Customs aims to strengthen their ability to tackle drug-related challenges effectively.

Dubai Customs is fully embracing innovation in its commitment to enhancing border security within the UAE. Employing a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies, including floating drones and underwater robots, the customs authority is proactively countering criminal activities such as smuggling and illegal trade.

By harnessing these highly advanced technological solutions, Dubai Customs effectively thwarts various threats, safeguarding the integrity of the Gulf city’s borders. Furthermore, the authority is making strategic investments to optimize the process of importing and exporting goods, ensuring a streamlined and efficient flow of shipments across the country. This multifaceted approach underscores Dubai Customs’ dedication to both security and facilitating legitimate trade.

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