Max Marka & Antony Topmac

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), renowned for its progressive ethos, stands among the most forward-thinking nations globally, with its cities, notably Dubai, leaving an indelible imprint through their awe-inspiring architecture. Exuding luxury, futurism, and modernity, the Emirates’ skyline boasts a collection of buildings that epitomize grandeur. Almost every week, new projects spring forth, testament to the UAE’s remarkable appeal, drawing in talented individuals from across the globe. Among these gifted visionaries are Max Marka and Antony Topmac, the dynamic duo behind Max Fabrique.

Max Fabrique takes pride in being the recipient of the prestigious “Trezini Gold Award,” an esteemed international award named after Domenico Trezini, a Swiss luminary and the first architect of St. Petersburg. This accolade is bestowed upon participants who have exhibited exceptional prowess in the realm of architecture and design. Aligned with the award’s motto, “Architecture as art,” Max Fabrique’s endeavors harmoniously intertwine creativity and artistic expression. In 2019, the duo emerged victorious in the competition’s “Progressive Design of a Functional Art Object” category. Moreover, they were honored as laureates of the KAISSA Award in the same year, securing recognition for their contributions to the advancement of innovative technologies in the real estate industry.

Max Fabrique positions itself as a purveyor of bespoke interior design, striving to bring each client’s unique vision to life, ensuring their personality permeates every aspect of their space. This commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience permeates the core of the company. Leveraging their proprietary cutting-edge technologies, the Max Fabrique team has cultivated a remarkable ability to actualize architectural solutions of any complexity and embark on groundbreaking projects.

The company steadfastly rejects the notion of compromising between beauty, originality, and comfort. Instead, they ingeniously fuse these elements into a seamless whole, skillfully integrating modern engineering concepts with awe-inspiring designs, thereby transforming each client’s possession into a veritable work of art. Over time, Max Fabrique outgrew the confines of the Russian market, and its success propelled the establishment of thriving offices in Miami and Dubai. After all, where better than these cosmopolitan havens can discerning clients truly appreciate the amalgamation of visionary architectural solutions with cutting-edge project and engineering technologies?

Behind the resplendent accomplishments of Max Fabrique lies a team of exceptional individuals, whose talents have been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory. At the helm of design is Max Marka, an esteemed figure adorned with a collection of prestigious awards, celebrating his exceptional contributions to functional design within the realm of progressive art objects. Complementing Max’s visionary approach is Antony Topmac, who assumes responsibility for the technological aspects and ideological concepts at the heart of the company. An adept sound producer, Antony mirrors Max’s devotion to their shared belief that architecture and art are inextricably intertwined. Together, they labor tirelessly to transform their creative ideas into tangible embodiments that enrich lives.

As Max Fabrique continues to transcend boundaries and push the envelope of architectural ingenuity, the world eagerly anticipates the duo’s next triumph—a testament to their unwavering commitment to transforming spaces and elevating the art of living.

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