AI as A Crucial Component For Security And Surveillance

AI in security and surveillance is creating a new wave of ways to protect both your business and you. In fact, artificial intelligence benefits businesses in many ways. One is that it can provide security that surveillance cameras alone cannot. Yes, video analytics technology can detect anomalies by learning what is typical. 

As a result, you can spot potentially dangerous behaviors that people may have overlooked. Both military and commercial organizations have adopted his AI surveillance technology. This indicates that many countries are actively working on the development of this technology. According to research, more than 32 countries have now received the technology from US IT companies alone.

Humans have an attention span of no more than 20 minutes when working on mundane tasks, after that, it will start falling. Industry is eliminating this by using video analytics to increase operational efficiency. Let’s explore some of the key benefits that AI brings to security and surveillance.

Traditional CCTV surveillance systems are passive as they only provide assistance after an event has occurred. AI in security helps intelligent analysis of potential threats. Additionally, you can identify potential thieves by observing how people move through your business. In addition, you can find ways to find items and luggage left unattended in public spaces such as airports. Video analytics can therefore help you take action before it’s too late.

AI in security and surveillance enables more accurate recognition of faces, objects, and events. This provides real-time proactive security. Help the police find criminals hiding in the crowd. You can also identify high-net-worth buyers among your visitors. It can also recognize people based on their build, weight, height, and other characteristics. This will prevent criminal activity and keep the area safe.

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Darkly lit areas cannot be monitored by humans. However, any unusual movement or behavior could be highlighted on-screen by an AI-based surveillance system. Alert security personnel instantly to prevent serious threats and casualties. This is made possible by AI’s superior image processing methods. You can sharpen poor quality images and extract useful information. Additionally, security personnel can analyze even blurry images for related purposes.

Numerous cameras routinely record useful security footage near several key locations. However, using traditional methods makes it impossible for analysts to make sense of such vast amounts of data. This is because creating security alerts from such data requires special software. By integrating this AI software, you can qualitatively interpret vast amounts of data. This allows security personnel to take the necessary precautions to protect both people and valuable assets.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, every industry is beginning to undergo major changes. Harnessing its benefits is therefore essential for businesses to improve productivity and profitability.

-Kamal Kishor Singh

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Kamal Kishor Singh is a technology enthusiast based in Muscat, Oman. He’s currently working as a Projects Delivery Manager for a major digital technology company in the Middle East. 

With 18 years of experience in artificial intelligence / machine learning based data analytics and automation, Kamal has developed several first-in-the-region digital products for the government, banking, and telecom clients. 

He has a keen interest in mentoring fresh talent and developing the tech start-up ecosystem in India and the Middle East.

Kamal has a bachelor’s degree in technology from NIT Allahabad and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. 

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