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Karim Khayat serves as CEO of Seeds Education, a company that was established in 1968 and operates under the ethos that effective education is informed and underscored by strong values combined with a commitment to helping all students achieve the success they are capable of.

Under Karim Tahsin Khayat’s stewardship, Seeds Education produces award-winning academic and educational materials, along with client-customized professional development and teacher training programs, in addition to its bespoke digital publishing and print services. This article will look at the opening of registration for the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) throughout the UAE.

In October 2022, the UAE Ministry of Education announced the opening of registration for the EmSAT test for all Grade 12 students across the country. In a statement posted on Twitter, the Ministry of Education explained that the tests in English and Arabic languages,  mathematics, and physics, would be taken on 13th November 2022.

After registering, students received a text message via their registered phone as well as an email detailing the opening times of the test sessions, which were to be conducted at various centers across the UAE.

The EmSAT is the UAE’s national system of standardized computer-based tests. These online tests gauge the skills and knowledge of Grade 12 students as they complete their general education, moving to higher education. These grades provide decision-makers with data for college placements and admissions.

The Ministry of Education said that determining the time and place for sitting the test was the sole responsibility of the student, with students advised to register for available centers in their area of residence.

EmSAT is mandatory for all Grade 12 students – whether Emirati or non-Emirati and irrespective of whether they attend private or public schools – learning either the Ministry of Education curriculum or the private international curriculum.

EmSAT helps educators to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates, and it is useful for university admission purposes. The results can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of schools and their performance, as well as gauge the quality of the education system as a whole, enabling decision-makers to take the necessary steps for improvements.

Results can also guide decision-makers about the skills required by students at different academic levels. It is hoped that accurate data about the skills and knowledge of students in the Emiratis school system will help to determine the appropriate educational path for them, as well as help to improve the education system as a whole.

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